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Music Tastes Good 2017 at Marina Green Park

Music Tastes Good, Marina Greek Park, Long Beach, CA, September 30th, 2017

Music Tastes Good 2017 arrived in Long Beach for an epic two-day music fest and feast extravaganza, headlined by the likes of RIDE and Ween on Saturday as well as Los Lobos and Sleater-Kinney on Sunday. With a lineup as impressive as Coachella minus the oppressive desert heat, these two days of sonic bliss would be experienced with all the cool and wondrous climate being by the ocean has to offer.

Whether you were rocking out at one of the two stages, or experiencing the one of a kind Taste Tent featuring the culinary artistry of noted chiefs from New Orleans and Long Beach, Music Tastes Good was a superbly memorable experience not to be missed! Originally conceived by late concert promoter (as well as noted singer/songwriter) Josh Fischel, his unique vision of the ultimate concert going experience truly lives on in a vast and triumphant way! Here are a few of the bands Highwire Daze Online caught up with on Day One at this year’s edition of Music Tastes Good. Read on…

Heaven 17

What year is this again? Oh never mind, because Heaven 17 from the 80’s has finally landed their first concert date in LA – and their timeless live set of classic electronic alternative tunes was absolutely inspiring and very well received! Opening their lively set with a rousing rendition of their underground hit We Don’t Need That Fascist Groove Thing, vocalist Glenn Gregory, keyboardist Martyn Ware (formerly of Human League), and the entire band enraptured the crowd with all the KROQ classics. Another grand and glorious highlight was when Heaven 17 broke into a massive rendition of Let Me Go, ushering in a ton of fond memories of the past.

Even enchanting backing vocalist Rachel Meadows had the chance to shine with a luminous ardor, leading a fierce and wondrous lead vocal to the dance hall inflections of Temptation. Other Heaven 17 tunes performed included We Live So Fast, Come Live With Me, Penthouse & Pavement, and a whole lot more! One big highlight was when both Glen Gregory and Martyn Ware collaborate on a humorous yet thoroughly cover of You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – a song that was also covered by the Human League.  A dazzling performance from a band whose LA debut has been a long time coming – and was brought to ultra-vivid life courtesy of the Music Tastes Good Festival!  What an early day treat it was to finally see this iconic band in action!

Heaven 17 on Facebook


From the glittery and wickedly decadent 80’s, and on to the very modern day it would be when Alvvays took to the main stage at the Music Tastes Good Festival. Conceived in 2011 and based out of Toronto, Canada, Alvvays has made quite a name for themselves within the alternative rock spectrum. On tour in support of Antisocialites, their recently issued magnum opus on Polyvinyl Records, Alvvays presented the crowd with a stunning selection of wildly infectious indie-pop.  Opening their set with the dazzling Saved By A Waif, Alvvays delighted and intrigued with such fan favorites as Next Of Kin, Archie Marry Me, and Dreams Tonight.

Lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Molly Rankin is a vibrantly intriguing presence, filling the songs with a sweeping amount of wide-eyed passion and conviction, In addition to Ms. Rankin’s memorable performance, the superb Alvvays lineup filled the atmosphere with a dynamic wall of sound, featuring the participation of keyboardist Kerri MacLellan, guitarist Alec O’Hanley, bassist Brian Murphy, and drummer Sheridan Riley. Alvvays closed their set with an exhilarating rendition of Party Police, leaving quite an indelible impression on the Music Tastes Good attendees.  In addition to the already converted, there is little doubt that Alvvays made a ton of new fans under the brilliant Long Beach sun.  Be sure to catch Alvvays at The Roxy on October 23rd!

Alvvays on Facebook


It was now time for visit the 90’s for a grand adventure in shoegaze with the one and only RIDE! Based out of Oxford, England and here on American soil to promote their brand new Weather Diaries manifesto, the legendary RIDE took to the stage and electrified the crowd with a mesmerizing set of past and present entreaties. The multi-layed classics such as Leave Them All Behind and Dreams Burn Down remain auditory treasures that thoroughly envelope the senses and set the imagination in flight.

In addition to the sweeping tunes of the past, new songs from Weather Diaries showed a band blasting beyond the auditory shoegaze atmosphere and into the realm on the modern day. RIDE 2017 displays a triumphant amount of vision and timelessness, featuring kaleidoscopic standout performances of new tracks such as Lannoy Point, Charm Assault, and Cali. The RIDE brigade are innovative as ever, featuring longtime members Mark Gardener on lead vocals and guitar, Andy Bell on vocals and guitar, Steve Queralt on bass, and Laurence “Loz” Colbert on drums and percussion. Here is hoping we see a whole lot more of RIDE here in the States and that Weather Diaries is a forecast of even more sonic treasures ahead from this landmark collective.

RIDE on Facebook

With an event as exciting, imaginative, and thoroughly organized as Music Tastes Good, it will be exciting to see what the third installment will have in store for us all next year! Stay tuned!

Music Tastes Good on Facebook

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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