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My Ticket Home at The Echoplex

My Ticket Home at The Echoplex

My Ticket Home at The Echoplex, October 23, 2017

The Loudwire Music Awards Kickoff Party took place at The Echoplex in Silver Lake on October 23rd, headlined by Beartooth and featuring the participation of Avatar, Ded, Royal Thunder, King Woman, and My Ticket Home. Opening at the breakfast hour of 6:30PM, My Ticket Home presented a captivating set of “puke rock” to the earlier arrivals. Imagined the doomster sounds of Failure combined with the infectious reverberations of all things grunge, and you are only beginning to envision the grand and imaginative concept of “puke rock” as presented by My Ticket Home. It’s been five years since their last Los Angeles appearance at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip, and this Columbus, Ohio band received quite a warm welcome from the crowd. Not many in the audience had been to a My Ticket Home show before, but there is no doubt the band gained a roomful of new fans with their vibrant live performance.

My Ticket Home kicked off their set with the raging Thrush, the first track from their just released UnReal magnum opus, instantly gaining the attention of the Echoplex crowd with a superbly intensive performance. The band then launched into the shattering Hyperreal and then slammed into the pulsating refrains of Flee The Flesh – bestowing upon the Echoplex a ferocious sampling of the compelling entreaties to be found within the UnReal experience. Another highlight from the new album was Gasoline Kiss, oozing with a dynamic sense of danger and intrigue. Those wanting to hear a cut from their previous Strangers Only manifesto were treated to a blistering rendition of Hot Soap.

Each and every member of My Ticket Home has grown tremendous as musicians since their humble beginnings nearly a decade ago. Starting off as a metalcore entity, the sonic journey this collective has taken over the years has been nothing short of mesmerizing. Front man and bassist Nick Giumenti is an exhilarating presence onstage. Whether he’s singing the fiery lyrics or skillfully handling the low end, Nick radiates a sense of urgency that is exciting to witness. Nick’s brother Marshal Giumenti is in the back on drums making his presence very well known, slamming it all home with a wickedly intense precision. Matt Gallucci on lead and Derek Blevins on rhythm guitars enveloped the Echoplex with a mighty wall of atmospheric intrigue that sent the material soaring!

Hopefully we will not have to wait another five years for My Ticket Home to make a grand return into the City Of Angels. Until they do arrive to unleash their imagination “puke rock” once again in the Southland, be sure to check into the adventurous tapestries found within the fascinating world of UnReal, now available worldwide from Spinefarm Records!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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