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On The Black Carpet at The Loudwire Music Awards  – Part 2

Rob Halford of Judas Priest

On The Black Carpet at The Loudwire Music Awards  – Part 2

The Loudwire Music Awards took place at The Novo in Downtown Los Angeles on October 24th, featuring headlining performances from the likes of Avenged SevenfoldAnthraxHalestorm with special guest Lita Ford, In This Moment with special guest Rob Halford and a whole lot more!

Prior to the festivities, Highwire Daze Online was on the Black Carpet outside catching up with many of the nominees and presenters of the show.  We caught up with 14 bands in all to discuss what would turn out to be a superbly memorable hard rock and heavy metal awards show.  We now begin Part 2 of our coverage of On The Black Carpet at The Loudwire Music Awards!  Read on…

Judas Priest

Interview with Rob Halford

How do you feel about nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame at long last?
It feels wonderful. You’re in the company of other great talented people, a lot of whom we know on this one.  I personally know some of the artists.  All of their music is incredibly valuable. It’s changed landscapes and its inspired musicians. It’s just a good feeling – and being a British band being nominated for this great American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

You are receiving the Lemmy Award here at Loudwire show today. When did you first meet Lemmy?
I knew Lemmy when he was in Hawkwind. We go way back. So I love him and this in my Lemmy nod.

And what could we expect from the upcoming Firepower album?
Just some really great intense classic heavy metal. You’ll love it man!

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Interview with Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Avatar.
This is the King – the King of Avatar Country and I am but a humble servant in his name – Johannes.

How has the current tour with In This Moment been going and what were some of the highlights?
It’s been a delight to do various State Visits across the United States and further down the road now we shall be in Canada. We feel it’s been a great success in spreading the word that you can also be a citizen of Avatar Country.

And you have just announced a new album today…
That is correct. The album is titled – as it should be – Avatar Country. For it is in these times that we have decided to finally open the borders to our nation – and to reveal the truth of Avatar and the truth of our King. Glory to our King!

And a new song has been premiered today…
The song is called A Statue Of The King which about a statue of the king.

And what brings you out here to the Loudwire Awards?
Number One – we see it as a State Visit to the nation of Los Angeles. And a top of that, we have been nominated for Breakthrough Band of the Year – which shall be a delight to win.

Do you have a speech prepared if you do win?

And what could fans expect from your remaining dates with In This Moment and beyond?
We have that going for about two more weeks and they could expect greatness naturally. And then next year starting in January, we shall return here for proper presentations of what Avatar Country will stand for in 2018. It’s so much more beyond a musical performance.

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Interview with Travis Miguel

What brings you out to the Loudwire Music Awards tonight?
We’re just hanging out. We got invited and we don’t live very far from here – so we thought why not?

Atreyu has been back together for about 2-3 years now. How does it feel to be back?
It feels good! It feels real good. We took pretty much most of 2017 off, but 2018 we will be back with a new record and out touring again.

Are you involved with any other bands or projects outside of Atreyu now?
I’ve got other musical stuff. I’ve got another band called Fake Figures –it’s just kind of a passion project. For the most part, I just devote most of my time to Atreyu.

Would Atreyu and Fake Figures even want to play and do a tour together?
I’m down. I’m definitely down.

And what’s up with Fake Figures?
We just played last week at The Slidebar in Fullerton. Maybe at some point we’ll write some new music and get it recorded – but nothing really planned as of yet.

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Anti Flag

Anti Flag

Interview with Justin Sane and Pat Thetic

What brings you out to the Loudwire Music Awards tonight?
Justin: We’re here to talk to the good people such as yourself and to see some friends. It’s really cool to be out here.

And you have a new album coming out?
Justin: American Fall – it’s coming out in November.

Is there any story or concept behind that title American Fall?
Justin: It’s definitely the idea when you lose track of your moral compass – it’s not leading you to a good place. Right now we have an administration – they’re attacking black people, women, gay people, trans people, immigrants, Muslims. We know these people. Obviously there’s women in our families. There’s African Americans in my family. We have very good friends who are trans and gays. These people feel like they are under threat – and they are. You look at Charlottesville – it’s just an expression of the fact that they are under threat. What’s important for me with this record is that it’s a record of solidarity. We’re saying to people you’re not alone – we’re gonna to stand up for you – we’re gonna be there when they’re trying to scapegoat you – we’re going to be there to fight for you. And the reality is, if they come for them tomorrow they’ll come for us they day after. And that’s an important thing for people to remember.

What keeps you both so passionate about Anti Flag after all of this time?
Pat: When you look around the world and you see all the bullshit going on all around you and you’ve got to do something. You can’t just sit back and be quiet. Cuz if you step back and be quiet, you’re gonna get railroaded.

Justin: We’re in a really unique position as band where we get to meet so many of the activists on the front line who are doing work that we care about – whether it’s for gay rights or environmental rights – people at Sea Shepherd, people at Greenpeace, people with the ACLU – and they inspire you – because you know what? Yeah it’s dark, but there’s a lot of amazing people out there that are fighting – and they’re not giving up. And it’s actually making a difference. I think we’re living in a time right now that seems so ugly in a lot of ways, but I also feel like there’s the most opportunity for a really intense change to come back the other way as well.

Due to the current political situation, people need bands like Anti Flag around more than ever…
Justin: We feel that way. I feel like there’s an urgency and I feel like it’s up to everyone. What we can do as a band is we can provide a rallying point. We can gather people together and help people break down barriers. And also help people realize that they are not alone. I think at times like this, it’s easy to feel isolated and hopeless and alone. When we put on a show – when we have an event – when we have people come together, they start to realize “I am not alone. I have allies. I have people that support me.” And that’s really important for us.

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Crown The Empire

Interview with Andy Leo

What brings you guys out to the Loudwire Awards tonight?
Andy: We got invited. We found out pretty last minute I’d say. We’re presenting the award for Best Bass Player so that’s pretty dope. And there’s free drinks and rock and roll is dope!

What are you looking forward to the most about your upcoming your with Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria?
Andy: We’ve never toured with Black Veil Brides before on a formal tour or on a club tour ever. It’s cool to see all of the people this will bring together as we cross the meeting of the minds.

How excited or nervous are you about recording a new Crown The Empire album?
Andy: We’re so excited. Obviously any new endeavor is going to be daunting to try and pursue. But the second we got into the studio things just came out so easy. We’re super excited and we are going to keep working.

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Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer

Exodus and Slayer

Interview with Gary Holt

We’re here with the legendary Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer! How does that sound? That legendary Gary Holt!
It sounds really awkward and awed and ill fitting. I’m just a fucking roadie who plays guitar – and that’s all I am.

What brings you out here to the Loudwire Music Awards tonight?
My wife made me come. She wanted to go. Alright, I’ll go as a civilian. I usually don’t do these things. I had to drink a couple of pints of crowd control before coming in because I get a little anxiety when I don’t have the elbow room I feel like I require. But it’s going to be fun. I know like 90 percent of everybody here – so it’s going to be a good time.

How do you balance being in both Slayer and Exodus? Easiest and most difficult part…
The most difficult part is the toll on my body to do what I need to do two times a night when I’ve done the double duty. The easiest part is just trying to figure out the side of the stage I stand on. I’m stage right in Exodus – wait, I’m stage left in Exodus – see I don’t even know! I’m stage right in Slayer. Sometimes I need to figure out where I’m supposed to be.

What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming Metal Allegiance show?
Just playing music with my friends. It’s going to be a good time. It’s almost like a once a year thing where we get to do it. It’s just a lot of beer drinking, rock and roll fun. We have good time fucking up other people’s songs – and sometimes our own.

What’s up next for Exodus?
Working on a new album. Hopefully be in the studio around February – because we’ve got a long hiatus from Slayer. Tom Hunting and I are going to get the album ready and prepared and get it recorded before Slayer puts me back to work. We’re going to use the time wisely and it’s going to be awesome!

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Of Mice & Men

Of Mice & Men

Interview with Aaron Pauley

What are you guys doing here at the Loudwire Music Awards?
We’re presenting a performer and I’m also doing a guest vocal tonight. I’m doing a tribute to Chris Cornell with Nothing More. We’re doing an Audioslave song tonight.

How has the music of Chris Cornell affected you as an artist?
I grew up with it. From a songwriting perspective, he’s one of the greats that’s been unmatched with how he could tell stories visually and emotionally.

How has it been to be fronting Of Mice and Men now?
It’s been awesome. It feels like we’ve just gone and released some songs and just kept on truckin’. We’re playing as many shows as we can and it’s been awesome.

Tell Of Mice and Men fans about one of you earliest bands Audrey Is A Narcissist.
Oh my goodness! Ken at Highwire Daze, who is interviewing me if you guys aren’t aware – was one of the first people ever outside of my county who has even give any of my bands love. And you’ve been doing this for 14-15 years?

Since 1990
For 27 years! Man, it’s a long road. It’s crazy how time flies.

What’s up next for Of Mice and Men?
We’re on tour with In This Moment and Avatar. And then after this tour, we go overseas with Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames for a massive arena tour. It’s gonna be so sick!

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On The Black Carpet at The Loudwire Music Awards  – Part 1 can be read here!

(Interviews by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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