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Vital Noise at Pop Obscure Records

Vital Noise, Pop Obscure Records, December 9, 2017

Vital Noise made their way into the wilds of Downtown L.A. to rock the house at Pop Obscure Records near the corner of Los Angeles and 7th Streets. It is always exciting to discover up and coming bands and brand new record stores in the Los Angeles area, so this would definitely be a double-packed adventure that would be well worth seeking out. First regarding Pop Obscure Records – this wonderful shop has a wide selection of vinyl ranging through all kinds of genres. One trip to Pop Obscure and you’ll uncover one of this town’s best kept secrets when going through all of the treasures throughout the entire store. The very same could be said for Vital Noise, another rocking gem waiting to be discovered within the confines of the City Of Angels.

Our first encounter with Vital Noise was at NAMM JAM 2017 where they opened for the likes of Buckcherry and Doll Skin at the Anaheim Gardenwalk. The Los Angeles based power trio has been hard at work recording their EP and playing various shows throughout the area – both electric and acoustic. It was an all-out sonic rager at Pop Obscure Records on an early Friday evening, with Vital Noise delivering an absolutely exhilarating performance! Opening with the intensive one-two punch of The Ones and Pretty Little Something, Vital Noise filled the shop with their own pulsating brand of hard rock and roll. One of their songs Vices recently appeared on the PowerPop Blast Volume 1 compilation, and is dynamically explosive when performed live.

This young and resourceful trio possesses an explosive amount of talent and drive. Lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Wilmot (18) is a charismatic performance who delivers the fiery lyrics and soaring guitar melodies with passion and flair. Younger brother Preston Wilmot (15) unleashes a pummeling low end on bass that dazzles the senses. And then there’s Izak Athanas (17) on drums, who brings it all home with a fierce precision.

Nearly a year after their appearance at NAMM JAM 2017, Vital Noise continues to make their sonic journey into the big leagues, and it’s been an intriguing adventure to follow. Inching Closer and Famous were they names of the last two songs in their set at Pop Obscure Records, and both these selections showed a band ready to break it on out in an epic way! Expect to hear a whole lot more crucial auditory happenings from Vital Noise in the New Year, as their memorable songs and energetic live shows are not to be missed!

(Review and Photo by Ken Morton)

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