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Asylus Holiday Show 2017 at Chain Reaction

Tyler Casanova of Asylus

Asylus Holiday Show 2017, Chain Reaction, December 13, 2017

It was time for the Asylus Holiday Show at the Chain Reaction, and this year certainly brought out the very best in local acts – as well as one special guest collective The Mirage Theory from Puerto Rico who nearly blew the roof off the iconic Chain Reaction with an absolutely explosive performance. This would be the first in a series of shows for both Asylus and Til Skies Fall, who would hit the road on what would be a successful tour throughout several states.

In addition, other notable locals opened the Asylus Holiday Show, starting with Return In Red, kicking off the auditory party with a top notch set of post hardcore anthems. They’ll be working with guitarist extraordinaire Brad Jurjens on a new recording soon, so be on the lookout for that!

Every Other Year unveiled an exhilarating performance of high energy alternative metal that captured the imagination of the Chain Reaction attendees, followed by a massively intensive live presentation from the melodic groove metal brigade Quietude. Each and every one of these opening bands are well worth seeking out and you can bet that Highwire Daze Online will be revisiting these exciting bands in the New Year.

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Danielle Musitelle of Til Skies Fall

Til Skies Fall

The main event was now upon us, and Til Skies Falls enraptured the room with a thrilling selection of tunes.  And what a vibrant show this up-and-coming band unleashed upon the Chain Reaction!

Til Skies Fall is fronted by the dynamic Danielle Musitelle, whose exciting stage presence and wildly versatile singing really makes the listener stand up and take note. One does not expect such ferocious screams to emit from the same girl who also sounds quite angelic when clean singing. Danielle is such a charismatic performer, and brings each and every song to an ultra-vivid life.

Victor Molina and Anthony Reyes shred on guitar, sending the room spinning with a combustible wall of sound. And the hot and heavy rhythm section is presented to you courtesy of Mario Amaya on bass and Colin Ring on drums.

Opening their set with their recently issued 40 Years To Rise single, Til Skies Fall went on to unveil crowd favorites such as Final Thread, The Answer, and It’s Not Easy Being Green. Til Skies Falls is one of the best kept secrets in the SoCal music scene, ready to break out into the big leagues. With tours such as their recent excursion with Asylus, expect to see this hard working collective take on the nation on an epic way in the New Year!

Til Skies Fall on Facebook

Naz Munoz of Asylus


After a devastating performance from surprise booking The Mirage Theory, Asylus would make their way up onstage for a gloriously profound headlining performance. Asylus definitely has plenty to celebrate as 2017 spins to its conclusion. In addition to what would soon turn out to be a triumphant holiday tour, Asylus just released a brand new EP entitled Clarity upon the world at large. Opening with Hindsight is 20/20 – the first cut from the Clarity EP, Asylus proceeded to enrapture the Chain Reaction with a vibrantly memorable performance.