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Return In Red and Crimson Apple at Malones Concert Venue

Return In Red, Crimson Apple. Malones Concert Venue, January 21, 2018

Return In Red

Pirate VIP Events presented the 2018 Kick Off Band Showcase at Malones Concert Hall in the wilds of Santa Ana on an otherwise sleepy Sunday night. And while the weather was a bit on the chilly side, on the inside of the club Pirate VIP was unveiling some of the hottest bands from Los Angeles and Orange County. The first band Highwire Daze Online caught up with was Return In Red, whose own exhilarating brand of raging rock and modern metal devastated the hallowed walls of Malones.

Opening with the pulsating refrains of A Time Forgotten, Return In Red unleashed a thunderously heavy set of memorable tunes. Especially noteworthy were the superbly imaginative duel guitars assaults presented by Graziano Pennacchio  and George Garcia, wondrously progressive and epic in scope. The rhythm section blasted with a vibrant ferocity, courtesy of bassist Joseph Highhouse and drummer Brandon Northrop.  And bringing it all home was Return In Red’s charismatic vocalist Alex Valdez, unleashing a scorching performance, slamming headfirst into the heart of the matter.

You could tell Return In Red were genuinely appreciative of every audience member in attendance, and even gave a shout out to Crimson Apple, who were sound checking on the opposite stage. Return In Red is surely within the realm of their humble beginnings, but with this much talent and drive, expect greater glories ahead for this OC based collective.

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Crimson Apple

One thing for certain at an all encompassing band showcase, is that you should fully except to see all kinds of genres within the confines of a single night. A pop rocking collective featuring four vibrantly talented sisters originally from Hawaii, Crimson Apple clearly exudes a massive amount of star making potential. During their sound check, they encouraged their fans to go check out Return In Red, happily returning the support the hard rocking band across the way was showing them.   Crimson Apple definitely had a good amount of fans at Malones, all who were joyously singing along and swaying to the many gloriously infectious songs.  Hello, Human Again, How High – and the potential hit songs just kept on arriving.

Colby Benson is a dynamic front woman, passionate in song delivery, and can deliver the goods in an epic way on keytar. Guitarist Shelby Benson shreds with skilled precision, supplying a dazzling wall of sound. And what a thrilling rhythm section – keeping the beats tight and steady – brought to you by bassist Carthi Benson and drummer Faith Benson.

The band performs frequently at Downtown Disney as well as Chain Reaction. And judging by the exhilarating live show and the adoration from the crowd, it won’t be long before we see Crimson Apple offering a sonic bite of their wondrous tunes to the world at large in even bigger venues.

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(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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