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Sea To Sky EP by Capital North (Self-released)

Sea To Sky EP by Capital North (Self-released)

Sea To Sky EP by Capital North (Self-released)

Capital North is a progressive hard rock duo from Pasadena, CA ready to enrapture the planet with their dynamic auditory entreaties. Sea To Sky is their glorious debut, and even though it clocks in as an EP, the expansive journey found within is absolutely epic in scope. Core members Jonathan Farrar (Guitar/Vocals) and Anthony Zichella (Vocals) started out in a pop punk collective called Lights In The Sky, and traveled across the country promoting their band while following the Vans Warped Tour. While Lights In The Sky remained massively underrated, expect these talented musicians to take a stratospheric leap into the big leagues – especially if Sea To Sky is indicative of greater highways to travel for this captivating duo.

The EP opens with the sweeping reveries of the instrumental Sea, and then makes its way towards the blistering refrains of Broken Vessel – where “age is just a number, not a sentence” and “I am running away from myself” presents Capital North exuding a tremendous amount of passion and introspection. For A Living arrives with raging sense of urgency as the fear of “becoming something that I’m not” permeates throughout. Then it’s time to break through the oppressive Glass Houses, a vibrantly cathartic track that is wondrously exhilarating.

Household Wars smashes into the heart of the matter where pensive reveries and explosive pleas of “help me find a way to escape this place” rendering this one a heart stopping standout. And then closing out the EP way too soon is the gripping finale of Sky, where escaping the oppressive confines of the household wars is crucial and imminent.

Sea To Sky EP by Capital North is sure to haunt the listener long after the disc spins to its absorbing conclusion. In addition to the imaginative, contemplative work of Farrar and Zichella, the tech credits are first rate. Recorded at The Pie Studios in Pasadena, Sea To Sky was engineered by Nels Jensen (Sigur Rós, Jamie Foxx) with tracking by Devyn June, and mixed/mastered by Bertrand and Eric Poncet (of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!) at Alias Studio. Be sure to catch Capital North at Amplyfi in Hollywood on March 9th and join this talented crew as you explore these breathtaking tapestries within a live setting.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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