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On The Air by Sleep In Heads (Noizr)

On The Air by Sleep In Heads (Noizr)

For the many progressive rock fans around the world who miss the luminous refrains of The Gathering arrives an electrifying new collective destined to enrapture your heart and set the imagination in flight. Sleep In Heads is the name of this vibrant new entity, based out of the remote Ukraine and ready to captivate the world in a vast and epic way.

On The Air is Sleep In Head’s debut magnum opus – an exhilarating collection of gorgeous tapestries that all adventurous music connoisseurs will want to revisit time and again! And although comparisons to The Gathering and Katatonia may abound, Sleep In Heads possess their own distinctive voice and a sense of ambition that absolutely intrigues the senses.

On The Air opens with the rapturous refrains of Pacifying, a sublime commencement that sweeps the listener into what is to become an auditory odyssey for the ages. Then it’s time to rock it all out with Vagrant searing into your senses with an almighty conviction that is stunning to behold. An encounter with the Deceiver is up next on tap, with Sleep In Heads delivering the pulsating anthem with an eye opening resonance.

Time Like The Sand is mystical and captivating, taking the listener on an infinitely progressive journey. Blue Fear is vital and resourceful with its enveloping atmospherics piercing into the heart and soul of the matter. And then closing out On The Air is the pensive and elusive Secret Shelter, a dazzling grand finale that will linger within your mind long after the disc spins to its spiraling conclusion.

Photo Credit: Galyna Dobrydina

Such stunning works of artistry from each and every member of the Sleep In Heads brigade, including Sonya on vocals, Serj on guitar, Roman on drums, Fann on bass, and Natalia on violin. On The Air by Sleep In Heads is a thrilling debut that is sure to garner a good deal of worldwide acclaim from those adventurous enough to discover this treasure trove of exquisite artistry.

Here’s hoping we see the likes of Sleep In Heads touring North America to thoroughly enrapture us with the sweeping sounds of being truly On The Air within a live setting. When searing guitars, expressive violins, a staggering rhythm section, and soaring vocals collide, the majestic Sleep In Heads may found entering your most vivid and striking of musical dreams.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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