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With Confidence and States & Capitals at Chain Reaction

With Confidence and States & Capitals at Chain Reaction

With Confidence at Chain Reaction

With Confidence, States & Capitals, Chain Reaction, March 19, 2018

With Confidence

It was a sleepy Monday night behind the Orange Curtain in Southern California, but the Chain Reaction in Anaheim was certainly the place to be! With Confidence were playing their first show in 5 months – a Hope For The Day benefit whose motto “It’s okay not be okay” matches well with their own “Despite the weather, it gets better” mantra. After a silence due to band issues, With Confidence is now back in action! Opening their set with a lively rendition of Voldemort from their Better Weather endeavor, With Confidence presented their ardent Orange County fans with the performance of a lifetime. About to spend a summer on the Vans Warped Tour, With Confidence is currently recording new music, but stayed with the fan favorites at their comeback Chain Reaction show.

Vocalist/bassist Jayden Seeley, guitar/vocalist Inigo Del Carmen and drummer Josh Brozzesi were in top form, displaying a glorious amount of good vibes and infectious tunes. And standing in on second guitar was Tyler Benko from Arlington, fitting in quire nicely with the energetic With Confidence lineup – even after performing an entire set with his own band in the direct support slot. Expect to hear a whole lot more from the oncoming relaunch of With Confidence in 2018 and beyond.

Richie Arthur of States & Capitals

States & Capitals

One of the opening acts on the Hope For The Day benefit show was States & Capitals, an indie pop rock collective who left quite an impression on the early arrivals. Based out of Los Angeles by way of New Jersey, States & Capitals clearly enraptured the crowd with their vibrantly passionate tapestries. The mastermind behind States & Capitals is Richie Arthur, superbly talented and effortlessly charismatic, unveiling the songs with a dynamic amount of vision and conviction.

Performing selections from the recently issued Creations & Memories manifesto, States & Capitals clearly tugged at heartstrings while setting the imagination in flight. “Try again, I’m buying these pills for a friend, depression can slightly offend,” Richie mused on the opening song Higher, effectively demonstrating there is a whole lot of depth and discovery to be found within the States & Capitals experience.

States & Capitals has opened for the likes of The Ready Set and The Summer Set – and judging by a performance this compelling and well received, the band certainly will be within the ranks of The Headlining Set in no time at all. Check into what States & Capitals has to offer the world at large, either live or on record, and prepare to meet up with your new favorite auditory addiction.

***Interview with Richie Arthur of States & Capitals coming soon to Highwire Daze Online***

(Review and Photos by Ken Morton)

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