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The Rock Against MS Interviews: Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies

The Rock Against MS Interviews: Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies

The 6th Annual Rock Against MS Benefit Concert and Awards Show took place at the historic Los Angeles Theater on March 31st, featuring live headlining performances from Jack Russell’s Great White and Juliette LewisHighwire Daze Online spent some time on the Orange Carpet conducting interviews prior to the main event.  One of the attendees was Carla Harvey of the almighty Butcher Babies, ready to rock the night away within the wilds of Downtown L.A.  In the brief interview, we discuss her support for Rock Against MS, the recently completed Butcher Babies European Tour, discovering the story behind their latest and greatest Lilith magnum opus, and more!  Read on…

How did you become involved with Rock Against MS?
I try to come out and support anything I’m passionate about. I have someone I love dearly whose sister has MS, and so it’s a very important event for me. I think that anytime you can give back, it’s important. Music saved my life as a kid, so anything that I can drag myself out to and support – donate to and donate my time to – even a few dollars – a lot of us musicians are broke. But no matter what you can do – whether it’s your time, your money, your heart – just your voice – your Internet presence – to speak about the things that you’re passionate about. It’s very important. We need everyone to stand up for the things that they believe in nowadays.

So will you performing at the event tonight?
I’m actually not performing. I’m just here to support and have a good time and have a drink for once. I just got off a long tour and I’m just going to have a good time with my friends tonight. I can’t wait to see Juliette Lewis perform. I’m a huge fan – of not only her acting but of her musicianship – so I’m really excited to be here.

How did your current tour go?
It was awesome! We spent a month in Europe and we sold out places that we hadn’t been anywhere near! It was such an exhilarating feeling. We can’t wait to get back over there. And we also have another tour coming up throughout the US – so be on the lookout for that. And see you on the road.

Is there any overall story or concept behind the Lilith title of your new album?
As everyone knows, Lilith was the original wife of Adam – and she was basically shunned for being insubordinate to her husband. Nowadays, instead of being demonized, we see her as this beautiful middle finger to repression toward anyone – male, female, young, old – it’s doesn’t matter. Any form of repression we go against. We built our career on telling everyone else to fuck off and let us be who we are. And I think Lilith definitely epitomized that feeling for us.

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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