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Static and Surrender at The Hotel Café

Static and Surrender, The Hotel Café, July 10, 2018

Static and Surrender is a melodic rock band from the Bay Area whose dynamic songs and vibrant live shows will surely garner this collective a good amount of attention. On a short tour to celebrate the release of their Self-Titled debut on Funzalo Records, Static and Surrender made their way into the wilds of Hollywood, landing within the intimate confines of The Hotel Café. Packing the room with an appreciative fan base, Static and Surrender went on to thoroughly rock the City of Angels with an exhilarating set of gloriously memorable entreaties.

One noticed right away the dazzling musicianship and three part harmonies that launched the songs into the stratosphere. Jeff Campbell on lead vocals and guitar presented the lyrics with an exhilarating amount of passion and conviction. Adam Schuman delivered the lead guitar licks with a skilled precision that was nothing short of epic in scope.  His brother John Schuman provided the beats with imagination and flair – and hidden away in the back but definitely making her presence known was Lauren Stockner, whose grooving bass work vibrantly underscored the proceedings.

Standout tunes such as If Only We Could Sleep, You Won’t Remember Me, and Slow Crash demonstrated Static and Surrender’s talent for unveiling songs that should be played all over the radio airwaves.  Static and Surrender also presented a few covers songs with a grand amount of imagination – first with a poignant sampling of Golden Slumbers by the Beatles.  Later on in the set, the band unleashed an absolutely stunning rendition of the David Bowie classic Moonage Daydream. And then closing out the show on a highly memorable note, Static and Surrender rocked your world with their very own The Very Long Night – a definitive highlight from their Self-Titled debut that sent the room into a rapturous sonic overdrive.

Be sure to check out the Static and Surrender Self-Titled debut on Funzalo Records, produced by Jim Greer whose own impressive credits include working with The Rondo Brothers and Foster the People. And if you missed Static and Surrender at The Hotel Café, it was just announced that they will be playing The Village at Westfield Topanga on August 5th in association with 88.5 FM. With outstanding songs that will jangle in your head for ages and an inspiring live performance to cement the deal, expect to hear a whole lot more from Static and Surrender in future days.

(Review and Photos by Ken Morton)

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