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His Dream Of Lions at The Whisky

His Dream Of Lions, The Whisky, August 19, 2018

His Dream Of Lions from Fairfax, Virginia is a DIY band who are making quite a name for themselves as of late. With a recent well received EP entitled Pseudo Star followed by an ambitious touring schedule, His Dream Of Lions is ready to break it out in nothing short of an epic way.  Their recent cross country trek found the band visiting Southern California for the first time, performing a headlining set at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. Although their performance commenced late in the evening, His Dream Of Lions had an impressive audience who remained to witness what this up and coming band from across the country had to offer.

Opening their set with the high energy refrains of Swingin’ from their Pseudo Star EP, His Dream Of Lions quickly captured the attention of the Whisky crowd. While Hollywood is always a tough place for new bands to impress, His Dream Of Lions clearly had the Sunset Strip throngs captivated with their instantly memorable songs, energetic live performance, and dazzling stage lights.

The memorable tunes just kept on arriving, with selections such as Earth Girls and a brand new song called Rain Dance leaving an indelible impression. Closing their set with a rousing rendition of their should-be hit single Love Me Like I’m Sick, His Dream Of Lions clearly sealed the deal in the City Of Angels and surely gained a good amount of new West Coast fans in the process.

Included within the massively talented His Dream Of Lions membership are Seth Coggeshall on guitar and vocals, Colby Witko on keys and vocals, Nick Jones on guitar and vocals, and Justin Mason on bass.

Be sure to experience His Dream Of Lions the next time they roar into this side of the country. In the meantime, check out their Pseudo Star EP and discover a hard working alternative rock collective about to launch into the stratosphere of success.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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