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Adler’s Appetite at The Rose

Adler’s Appetite, The Rose, August 23, 2018

It’s the 30th anniversary of the iconic Appetite For Destruction album by the legendary Guns N’ Roses, which featured the massive drumming skills of the one and only Steven Adler. And while Adler is not among the successful Gn’R reunion shows, he continues to prove time and again his tremendous skills behind the drum kit with Adler’s Appetite. And at The Rose in Pasadena during the middle of the week, Steven Adler unveiled the brand new lineup for his namesake band, and what a vast and impressive membership this is! Performing Gn’R favorites as well as selections from the recently issued Adler album Back From The Dead, Adler’s Appetite unleashed a stunning 14-song presentation that sent The Rose rocking into the stratosphere!

Opening with Reckless Life from the notorious Gn’R Lies entreaty, Adler’s Appetite sent the room into a state of euphoria for what would be a night of hard hitting, classic rock and roll. One noticed right away the fiercely talented lead vocalist Ari Kamin from Argentina, who delivered both the Gn’R and Adler songs with a dynamic sense of conviction and flair! Kamin is an exciting discovery to be sure, complete with kickass vocal range and charismatic stage presence. The axe work found within the current Adler’s Appetite lineup is flawless, featuring amazing showmanship from Michael “Mr. T.” Thomas on lead guitar and AJ on rhythm guitar. And then there is the absolutely inspired musicianship from bassist Tanya O’Callaghan, whose own impressive credits include working with the likes of Dee Snider and Beasto Blanco.

And of course there’s Steven Adler, relaxed and smiling, displaying the drum performance of a lifetime. During the course of the evening, Adler often borrowed the microphone and showed his eternal love and admiration for his friends and fans. One of the most fun moments of the show was when Chef Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Kitchen showed up to play bass on a few songs. There was even a birthday in the house, as Tony Kanal of No Doubt was invited onstage for a cake and celebration.

All the favorite Gn’R songs were performed, including Nightrain, Mr. Brownstone, and Sweet Child O’ Mine. The live contributions from the scandalously underrated Back From The Dead magnum opus were The One You Hated, Good To Be Bad, and Habit. The grand finale of Adler’s Appetite was astounding, with Welcome To The Jungle and Paradise City closing out the show and leaving each and every audience member absolutely mesmerized. After the set, Steven Adler stayed on shaking hands and taking photos, both artist and audience enjoying the unique experience they were sharing within the hallowed walls of The Rose in Downtown Pasadena. Be sure to catch the new Adler’s Appetite lineup if they show up to rock and rage in your town!

(Review by Ken Morton – Live Photos by Jack Lue)

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