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Ultimate Jam Night #168 at The Whisky

Ultimate Jam Night #168, Jessica Chase’s Birthday HeadBanger’s Ball Edition, The Whisky, August 28, 2018

The night was as black as its leather jackets and as loud as the city itself. California hasn’t had its major earthquake yet, but things were definitely shaking at the Whisky-A-Go-Go on August 28th. Reliving the days of MTV’s HeadBanger’s Ball was easy with a steady set of streaming and steaming head bangers.

Cigarette Butts burnt down as the amps heated up with the greatest greats like Dicki Fliszar, Adi Argelazi, Johnny Santoro, and Adam Kurry! Lines lined up for the lineups as sweat stuck to the night like dew. The show began with two hemorrhage hits, Skid Row’s Youth Gone Wild and KISS’ Tears Are Falling. Borrowing from his groups ballad boldness, Dustin Brayley brought home the bread to rows and rows of tipped toes.

The night’s theme shared space with an Ultimate Jam Night influencer. Jessica Chase, a very involved member of the management team humbly accepted clouds of loudness in celebration of her birthday. After posing for a photo with her, Ira Black seamlessly snuck back into striking his chords. Surrounded by Jack Russell’s Great White’s Dan McNay, I Am Morbid’s Ira Black, Anthrax’s Greg D’Angelo, Paulie Z metamorphosed from host to Ozzy Osbourne. Channeling the rock legend’s demeanor and style, possessed Paulie Z made listeners reminisce as he howled Bark At The Moon.

The show’s climax kept rising and rushing up the mountaintop of music as spectators struggled to keep up. Feet tappers fell far behind and under the heavy fire of the Bulletboys, who do what they do best: Be so damn cool. Decorated in swagger and adorned in style, Marq Torien shrugged off the spotlight under his red aviators.

Every song meshed into its proceeding anthem. Ringing up the rungs, our ears followed our musical guides into goosebumps as Megan Ruger brought presence and more presence onto the stage. There was no escape from the sheer power of her searing serenade. Mr. Victor Broden tightened the shackles onto our attention with his heavy hitting. Pounds of bangers brought heads to hemorrhage and to an eventual much deserved rest.

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(Review and Photos by Chris Vinan)

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