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Doyle at The Whisky – Live Review and Photos

Doyle at The Whisky,  West Hollywood, CA, December 8, 2018

Friday night on the Sunset Strip is full of things to do. I chose to spend my night at the famous Whisky A Go Go with Former Misfits guitarist Doyle von Frankenstein and his band, Doyle. Several Misfits shirts new and old were spotted in the crowd, and fans young and old. After the set, Wade Murff (drummer) makes it a point to speak to as many fans as he can, get photos with fans, anything to make the fans happy, but one young fan stuck out. This young fan was turning 12 and for his present, he wanted to see Doyle. Good choice kid!

Alright, alright alright… This next song is a love song you can dance to.” This is what Frontman Alex ‘Wolfman’ Story intros most the songs with during the set. He’s right though, we danced to every song! Story’s energy on stage is what everyone hopes a frontman is. Story moves around, interacts with the crowd, climbs on everything he can, and is just awesome to watch and listen to. Doyle’s presence on stage is dominating. His body builder physique, piercing scowl with the devil lock, and the awesomely exaggerated strums of the guitar makes it hard to turn away!

The set included some of my favorite songs ‘Kiss Me As We Die’, ‘Dark Gods Arise’, ‘DreamingDeadGirls’, and many more. The crowd showed their enjoyment of the hour set with  bodies flying, the room smelling of sweat, the mosh pit was moving, fists in the air, and smiles were present on every face in the house. The tour is coming to an end soon, so catch them on the road if you can!

Members: Alex ‘Wolfamn’ Story (Vocals), Doyle von Frankenstein (Guitar), Brandon Strate (Bass), and Wade Murff (Drums).

Remaining dates:
Dec 23 ’18 Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall
Dec 26 ’18 Amityville, NY Amityville Music Hall
Dec 27 ’18 Philadelphia, PA Foundry
Dec 28 ’18 Providence, RI Fete Music Hall
Dec 29 ’18 Manchester, NH Jewel
Dec 30 ’18 South Burlington, VT Higher Ground
Dec 31 ’18 Virginia Beach, VA Shaka’s
Jan 2 ’19 Vienna, VA Jammin Java
Jan 3 ’19 Brooklyn Bazar



(Live Review and Photos by Erica Vincent)


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