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30 Years by Lypswitch (World of Sin Music)

30 Years by Lypswitch (World of Sin Music)

30 Years by Lypswitch (World of Sin Music)

Fans of hair metal must be in high orbit lately with the many re-releases and discoveries now surfacing from the glory days of a much maligned genre. The taste for this wickedly wonderful nostalgia is in high gear, and how absolutely fantastic it is to have bands such as Lypswitch unleashing their tasty tunes upon the world at large at long last. Entitled 30 Years, Lypswitch has packed this career retrospective with a massive amount of sonic treasures! Straight from the heart of late 80’s Sunset Strip music scene, Lypswitch bring it all back with an all-out vengeance.

Songs such as World Of Sin, American Song, and especially Rattlesnake Skin clearly demonstrate Lypswitch’s knack for delivering absolutely kickass tunes that will remain in your head for ages! Somewhere Someplace features a guest appearance from Joe Leste of Bang Tango fame. There’s even some new tracks to be found within 30 Years, highlighted by the thunderous Domination and blistering refrains of Thirst.

Lypswitch has indeed regrouped, and promise a whole lot more rock and roll entreaties in the months ahead. Pay attentions fans of Guns N’ Roses and Poison, because if you missed Lypswitch the first time around, the band is destined to become your next favorite obsession. Lypswitch is Danny Whaley on vocals, Mick O’Brien on guitars, David Love on bass, and K.A. on drums – and they are back to set your world ablaze with their scorching rock and sleaze anthems!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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