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7 by I The Betrayer (Self-Released)

7 by I The Betrayer (Self-Released)

I The Betrayer is a 5 piece heavy metal band from the depths of Oslo, Norway. Brought together by their love of heavy, chugging riffs and soaring, clear vocals, the band take influences from many different genres – and the results are absolutely staggering in scope. As we await new music from this exciting collective, it is essential to revisit their first EP. Simply entitled 7, the tracks contained within already present a band filled with passion and ambition. Mixing clean singing with metalcore growls from beyond, if these compelling vocals don’t devastate your very senses, then the spiraling musicianship found within the confines of 7 will surely seal the deal. Citing influences as wide ranging as Metallica and Rage Against The Machine, even this early on, I The Betrayer was seeking out an identity of the own, and the results are riveting.

Songs such as Credulity and Selfish Ride display a mighty amount of depth. Whether it be the spitfire lyrics or the powerhouse soundscapes, I The Betrayer delivers extreme artistry that is exciting to behold. I The Betrayer possesses a brigade of fine talent, including Chris Wiborg on vocals, Geir Prytz on guitar, Alex Bjørklund on guitar, Terje Høias on drums, and Kyle Sevenoaks on bass. It will be exciting to witness the heights I The Betrayer traverse in their future endeavors. In the meantime, 7 is a terrific introduction of a band that should explode across the worldwide metal scene in these future days ahead.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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