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Lyncanthropy by The Drained (Self-released single)

Lyncanthropy by The Drained (Self-released single)

Lyncanthropy by The Drained (Self-released single)

The Drained is a punk rock and roll entity from Los Angeles, led by the supremely charismatic B.B. on lead vocals and bass.  Once a leader of the underground Hollywood band Street Lynx, B.B. brings her infectious rage and skilled prowess to The DrainedLycanthropy is the name of their debut single, and judging by the commotion contained within, expect to hear a whole lot more punk rock glories from this City Of Angels outfit in the months ahead

From the searing opening guitars to the wickedly primal vocals of B.B. and beyond, Lycanthropy explodes into your psyche with a sheer ferocity.  This is old school punk jam-packed with attitude and conviction.  In addition to B.B.’s sizzling vocals and driving bass licks, there were a few friends who lent their support to this debut concoction.  Sydney Ellen from Moxy & The Influence absolutely reigns supreme on guitar while William and George Cendejas of Electric Hound lend their pummeling lamentations on drum programming.

With a first single this impressive, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for B.B. and The Drained.  Upcoming shows for The Drained include appearances at The Redwood Bar on May 28th, The Doll Hut on June 7th, and The Silverlake Lounge on June 17th.  Expect The Drained to rock these nocturnal events with fiendish glee and leave you howling at the moon for a whole lot more punk rock and rage!  The Drained live lineup is B.B. on bass and vocals, William Brunet on drums, and Greigh Sovereign on lead guitar.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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