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Diane & The Deductibles at The Rose

Diane & The Deductibles at The Rose

Diane & The Deductibles, The Rose, Pasadena, CA., June 2, 2019

Diane and the Deductibles grab their spotlight with a chokehold. Out of breath from constant cheering, all the crowd can do is absorb their melodies in their entirety.  Each song eased into the next in a well-curated mix. Diane’s mystic voice pounded out tunes from each of their two albums. Her vocal capabilities ignited images of various artists of potential influence. From Joni Mitchell to Led Zeppelin, Diane Adams is the amalgamation of the last fifty years of musical innovation. Hearing them live is a testament to their constant betterment and experimentation.

What a Feeling” sounded a bit different from their studio version but every difference was positive. Every head in the room headed towards the end of their song at a trusting rate. It was as if Diane knew how to adapt her music for every crowd. The sounds of her serenade slipped off instruments dripping in talent for “Light of the Moon.” The song fit The Rose’s atmosphere. Dark and dusty matched with polished vocals. When the music began, the room went silent out of inherent respect for the intricate melodies. Not even a falling pin would dare make a sound. You really could hear a heartbeat “as one.”

Some of their songs had yet to be published, so we were treated to a sneak peek into the creative workings of the group. Every instrument seemed to be showing off the talent holding it. The band is filled to the brim with experience. Cliff Rehrig, for instance, used to play bass for Air Supply. Beside him, guitarist Keith Lynch has been the music director of Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, and their other guitarist, Robert Sarzo, founded Hurricane and was in Geoff Tate’s Queensryche. Behind them, but guiding their sound, Ronnie Ciago was formerly in Riverdogs and boasts a recording history of over 500 songs! Being sandwiched between these heavyweights is not to be taken lightly. And Diane manages it all too well.

Diane is the punch on the fist. Her ability to vocally maneuver through her eclectic set list keeps the show going until its gone. Songs like “Breaking the Chain” and “Tears” may sound similar but together they differ greatly from the live representations of their other masterpieces. It seems to me that the spontaneity espoused to performing live accounts for Diane’s creative flexibility. Definitely go see them when you can. And hear them while you’re at it too. Their new album TWO is out now!

(Review and Photos by Chris Vinan)

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