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Diane & The Deductibles premiere a Music Lyric video TEARS on their new YouTube Channel!

Diane & The Deductibles premiere a Music Lyric video TEARS on their new YouTube Channel!

Diane & The Deductibles premiere a Music Lyric video TEARS on their new YouTube Channel!

 Check out the New Video here!!!!

Diane & The Deductibles has premiered their first ever lyric video for their songTears on YouTube. From their recently issued TWO album, Tears was filmed in Orange County as a collaborative effect between vocalist Diane Adams and video director Natalie Lauren. Filmed in the grand DIY tradition, Tears is a thought provoking testament about being fearlessly alive in these tumultuous time. The video is dark yet inspirational, taking the listener on an exhilarating journey with the wisdom and candor of Diane Adams and her band as your auditory guides.

Diane Adams states regarding Tears: To Survive in this crazy world, this NEW political nightmare, the song TEARS reminds us it’s now a place where your opinion defines who you are and people are backing into their corners defending their positions,…but thoughts and core beliefs have a tipping point, change can happen in the night, so don’t be too quick to judge those around you, they could change in the night but to damage the fabric of friendship will never be worth our current political turmoil…Tears lyrics remind you that pain and conflict remind you are alive… We are living, breathing, suffering, sharing, hoping this world gets better..

Video director Natalie Lauren (also known as Madjesla) is a songwriter, musician, screenwriter & aspiring film maker. Her goal is to create a visual experience that will make you want more of your own curiosity. 
Growing up with musicians, creativity was her ultimate high. She recently started her own company called Sky Dusk Entertainment, with hopes to bring modern visuals to film through wild stories and true events.

Regarding the making of Tears, Natalie Lauren states: Like many artists in 2019, I believe Diane felt compelled to make a politically charged song inspired by America’s present state. Her single Tears sets a unique & surprising tone, with lyrics like “Run your fingers down the cellophane shade, & “Foolish found another place to live.” Diane’s meaningful lyrics, comes with her unfiltered air of taking a brave stand. 

“When you work with Diane, she’s remarkably detailed with her vision and has a true concrete self-made backbone. She’s undoubtedly the strongest woman I know.” 

Tears may be experienced on the Diane & The Deductibles NEW YouTube channel HERE!!

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A female fronted classic rock band that fans of Heart and Bonnie Riatt are sure to enjoy, Diane & The Deductibles has just unveiled their second album TWO. In addition to the trademark guitar work of Robert Sarzo, also included within the members of Diane & The Deductibles are Diane Adams on lead vocals and guitar, Cliff Rehrig (formerly of Air Supply) on bass, Keith Lynch (music director for the Bill Ward Band) on guitar, and Ronnie Ciago (formerly of Riverdogs and Brand X) on drums. Diane & The Deductibles will be playing two shows supporting The Motels in Southern California.

The dates and venues are: 

October 18th – The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA

October 19th – The Canyon Montclair in Montclair, CA

Discount tickets may be purchased here:

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