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Down In The Dark by Dark Station (Self-released)

Down In The Dark by Dark Station (Self-released)

Down In The Dark by Dark Station (Self-released)

Dark Station is a superbly imaginative modern rock band from Southern California who is ready to traverse the world by storm – especially if their stunning new album Down In The Dark is indicative of greater glories ahead.  Featuring ex- members of Behind The Fallen, Dark Station unleashes auditory manifestos that are absolutely gripping, unveiled by musicians who have placed their blistering hearts and massive talents into the project.

Down In The Dark opens up the explosive reverberations of Ryse, with its reflective “you’re walking around like a victim, it’s so easy to blame what isn’t there” lyrical content bringing the song to its raging and magnetic denouement.  Heroes is an anthem for the ages, Dark Station’s first single that will ring relentlessly in your feverish head long after the disc spins to its conclusion.  After all, “What is there to hope for when your Heroes are dead?”   New Age then slams into your senses with its pulsating beats and powerhouse lyrics conveying a testament of a starkly grim reality in this modern day.   Villain is up next, inspired by the movie Venom and the character Eddie Brock – with its “you’ll always be the Villain in me” refrains chilling the listener to the very core.  No Life then deals with the subject of addiction and the anguish involved, attempting to maintain control amidst all of the chaos contained within.

Obvious navigates through a toxic relationship with scorching results.   Hollow is haunting and devastating, with each and every member of Dark Station delivering absolutely exhilarating performances.  Misery then slams upon the listener, complete with a glorious guitar solo that sends this one into the stratosphere.  A confrontation with Ghost then ensues, followed by the sweeping metallic reveries of Locked On. And the grand finale of Visions closes out the Down In The Dark experience with the cautious “be careful what you wish for cuz that ain’t me” message leaving quite an indelible impression.

The Dark Station lineup presents their visions with a good deal of inspiration and intrigue.  Charismatic vocalist Nathan Spades delivers the lyrics with a staggering amount of ardor and conviction.  The vibrant dueling guitar assaults are presented courtesy of Kyle Ort and David Bruno.  Bassist Eric Sinful and drummer Dylan Roy make for a tremendous tight and intensive rhythm section.  Down In The Dark is sure to captivate the senses of music fans looking to be thoroughly swept away by the adventurous tapestries Dark Station has to offer.  Expect to hear a whole lot more from this band in the New Year and beyond, as Dark Station strike into the heart and soul of the matter, and their spellbinding compositions are not to be missed.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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