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Kill The Blonde EP by Kill The Blonde (Self-released)

Kill The Blonde EP by Kill The Blonde (Self-released)

Kill The Blonde EP by Kill The Blonde (Self-released)

Based out the state of New York and ready to explode onto the national scene in nothing short of an epic way, Kill The Blonde present post hardcore reveries that are both infectious and imaginative.  Fans of acts such as Crown The Empire and Ice Nine Kills should really check into what the amazing Kill The Blonde has to offer the world at large.  On the verge of unveiling their Self-Titled EP, the four songs plus Intro contained within will absolutely devastate the senses.  Kill The Blonde are certainly inspiring and ambitious, and their EP is a stunning commencement.

The EP kicks off with the prophetic strains of RUN!, featuring a thunderstorm and an ominous greeting of “Where ya going?” followed by a scream in sheer terror.  If You Only Knew then sends the album into the intriguing darkness, demonstrating at once how melodic yet supremely intensive the Kill The Blonde experience is.  The liberating reverberations of Want Me Dead follows, a captivating selection showing each member at the very height of their creative energies. 

Victim In Disguise is absolutely brutal, with screams, growls and relentless guitars rendering the “endless nightmare” soundscapes a compelling standout.  And then closing out the Kill The Blonde EP is the pummeling yet progressive Rewritten, complete with a spiraling chorus.

Kill The Blonde features a trio of talented musicians ready to enrapture their audience while traversing upon a journey into the big leagues.  Keanu Marcus is a dynamic vocalist oozing passion and charisma – whether it’s the expressive clean vocals or the earth shattering screamo inflections, this front man unleashes the gripping lyrical content with a blistering sense of urgency.  LJ Potter displays a glorious amount of invention and intensity with his sweeping guitar interludes while bassist Joel Sophia impresses with a persuasively thunderous low end.  The Kill The Blonde EP grand slam endeavor destined to leave a lingering impression on all types of music fans. 

And by the way, if you live on the East Coast, be sure to check out Kill The Blonde at the First Annual Horror On The Hudson Fest.  Taking place at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY on October 27th, Kill The Blonde will share the stage with the likes of Everyone Dies In Utah, Oceana, and SLAVES!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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