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Tezura – Thrash Metal Voices from Germany

Tezura – Thrash Metal Voices from Germany

Tezura – Thrash Metal Voices from Germany

The mighty Tezura has recently unleashed Voices, an EP jammed packed with the finest in original thrash metal infamy.  Based of Munich, Germany and ready to break through onto the worldwide heavy metal scene, Tezura absolutely stuns the senses with their highly imagitive artistry.  Traces of progressive metal and even metalcore may found within the dynamic compositions of TezuraHighwire Daze interviewed a few of the members of Tezura late last year to find out a whole lot more about this superbly intensive band on the rise.  Read on…

Answering musicians: Timo (Vocals, Guitar), Phil (Guitar), Max (Bass), Luke (Drums) – Answers representative for the whole band are marked by “Tezura”.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Tezura, and how long the band has been together
Timo: Hey, I’m Timo, rhythm guitarist and singer of Tezura. I also do a lot of songwriting and lyrics as well as all the production stuff.
Max: I’m Max, I play bass in Tezura, and I’m also involved in songwriting and lyric writing a lot.
Phil: I’m Phil, lead guitarist of Tezura and I also handle booking and am involved in songwriting.
Luke: I’m Luke and I play drums in Tezura. Besides that, and songwriting, I do all the design and graphics work.
Phil: We’ve been playing together since November 2018.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local metal scene like there?
Max: Tezura is based around Munich, and currently there are many young bands on the rise, overall, it’s quite hard to say something in general about the “metal scene”, since it’s so huge and diverse.
Timo: What I can say about the Thrash scene is that there is a new sense of what was formerly known as “tape trading”, but with new music and different ways. At least that’s what I’ve experienced recently. In general, there’s a lot of exchange in the Thrash culture, especially of older stuff, for example old patches that you can’t get anywhere else (because the bands have split up etc.). Forbidden is a good example for that – not the only one, though.

Is there any overall story or concept behind the Demo EP title Voices?
Luke: We’re aware of this conceptual feel that you noticed. “Voices” itself was actually the first song that we finished writing in January, including lyrics. That was before we had even began writing some parts of the other songs. So, the topic of foreign control and dealing with your inner demons and “voices” became an inspiration for the lyrics of the other songs on this demo. Eventually everything fit together pretty well. So, when we decided about the order of the songs on the demo, we saw that everything made sense and had that kind of conceptual feeling to it. We are quite happy with that, so the name “Voices” for the demo as a whole just seemed like the right thing to do.

Select two songs from Voices and what inspired the lyrics.
Timo: First up, let’s start with “Voices” itself. “Voices” was the first song what we wrote together, although some ideas for riffs even go back to 2016. It’s also certainly the thrashiest song on our demo. The lyrics for this song were written in January of this year and deal with manipulation and what actions people are capable of when manipulated into these actions. It’s a slow process, so the danger is not always visible that easily. “Voices” tells the story of becoming a victim of your own mind – that contrasts with what we believe in as people: The free will.
The fourth song on our demo, “Sun”, is inspired by the inner conflict between reason and passion as well as the decisions that result out of that conflict. The song deals with the struggle with your inner demons and wishes, with the voice that’s tempting you into something self-damaging if you give in.

How close is Tezura to writing and recording an all new EP or full length?
Phil: We’re in the writing process at the time. We’re working hard to deliver a debut album that will make its impact. There’s a lot on the way, so don’t miss out!

What could one expect from a Tezura live show?
Luke: Exciting guitar performances. Lots of heads banging.
Timo: An experience that stays in your head with good memories.

If Tezura could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Timo: When talking about a band from the “past”, it would surely be Metallica in the late 80s, maybe the Justice for All Tour – since those were among the most inspiring shows that influenced us as a band.
Today, Tezura opening for Lost Society or Trivium would be amazing. Because those bands had a big impact on every one of us and we value them very much as musicians.

Are you involved with any other bands or projects outside of Tezura?
Tezura: We’re all focusing solely on Tezura.

Germany is famous for their BEER! What is your favorite beer of choice and why?
Max: My favorite beer is Augustiner, a German lager beer which is brewed in Munich since 13-hundred-something. I tried a lot of different beers, and I think you can never go wrong with this choice.
Timo: I’m REALLY into craft beer. Especially (Indian) Pale Ale. But I also enjoy some types of Weißbier and German “Helles” or Czech beer to a great extent. Especially in Prague, you can get some seriously tasty beer.
Phil: I dig „Helles” and Pilsner beer.
Luke: My favorite sort of beer is Weißbier.

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing the music of Tezura for the first time?
Max: The guitar performance. For me, the guitar performance is always the most important element of a metal song. Be it a solo or a riff. So, I’d be very pleased if some riffs get stuck in our listeners’ heads.
Timo: Having a picture or story in mind that this song reminds you of. That may be an episode of your life, or a problem you’re dealing with, or something that you think about a lot. And when hearing our music helps you to think of a solution for a problem or dealing with things in life, that’s a great thing. That’s what music is all about.

What’s up next for Tezura?
Luke: Playing a lot of live shows, recording our debut album, promoting our demo, kicking some asses.

Any final words of wisdom?
Timo: Let it be.
Max: Keep breathing.

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photo by Felix Untersperger)

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