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Heart’n Balls by Silverstage (M & O Music)

Heart’n Balls by Silverstage (M & O Music)

Heart’n Balls by Silverstage (M & O Music)

Based out of Paris, France and ready to place the pedal to the metal worldwide, Silverstage is a female-fronted collective destined to leave a lasting impression on all types of music fans. A band who names their album Heart’n Balls obviously means to rock your world in a vast and epic way, and Silverstage definitely deliver the heavy metal goods and leave you wanting a whole lot more!

Opening the Heart’n Balls experience with the kickass refrains of All I Need, Silverstage hook you into their wickedly wonderful world of heavy metal intrigue. Want You Dead is infinitely persuasive, performed with a seething venom that is explosive and cathartic. Rise is another highlight where passionate vocals and raging guitars absolutely reign supreme.

And what a collection of clearly seasoned and spirited musicians Silverstage possesses. Vocalist Marianne G Wolf places her heart and soul into each and every song, singing the lyrics with a grand amount of fervor and conviction. Jayd The Bear rages with his stratospheric guitar work while bassist Jeff Monaco and drummer Lilian Perrin make for a tight and intensive rhythm section.

Silverstage is well on their way to the worldwide big leagues, especially if the almighty Heart’n Balls is indicative of greater triumphs ahead. And if you live in the Hollywood area, they have copies of this album currently available in the metal section at Amoeba Music! Check into Silverstage however you can and prepare to discover this amazing new band on the rise!

(Review by by Ken Morton)

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