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Slaves To Humanity at Gallagher’s Pub – Live Review

Slaves To Humanity at Gallagher’s Pub – Live Review

Slaves To Humanity, Gallagher’s Pub, Huntington Beach, CA., May 9, 2020

In this age of Covid-19, bands and live music venues have certainly been resourceful in bringing entertainment to the people. Gallagher’s Pub in Huntington Beach has been presenting a series of live shows. While actual attendance in the club was limited at best due to the social distancing standards of the day, the performances have been broadcast live via Facebook courtesy of And on a Saturday in Huntington Beach, Gallagher’s presented the dynamic Slaves To Humanity upon the world wide web. Consisting of 5 massively talented teens from Orange County, Slaves To Humanity unleash their own concoction of “Sunset Grunge.” With their superbly memorable songs and the high energy shows to back it all up, there is no doubt that Slaves To Humanity are well on their way to the top.

Opening with the slamming refrains of Riot Addict and then exploding into the ferocious incantations of Insanity, the Slaves To Humanity experience was gripping and exhilarating – even if you were watching it on the computer screen at home (which this reviewer was actually doing.) And what an amazing lineup Slaves To Humanity possesses, with each and every member so passionate about their live performance.

15-year-old lead vocalist Aidan Amini is extremely charismatic, and performs with a striking amount of drive and conviction. Also at 15 is lead guitar Pierce Akers, whose soloing throughout the set was vibrant and inspiring. Max Hickman, the oldster in the band at 19, fills in everything with imagination and flair on rhythm guitar. And the amazing rhythm section is brought to you with a kickass intensity by Nathan Johnson (18) on bass and Shane Ryan (16) on drums. Other songs in the set which made lasting impressions include I Love It, Get In Line, and Battleground.

When the country opens up and we are all able to witness live shows again in person at music venues, Slaves To Humanity is very much on the top of the list to see!. Thanks to Gallaghers’ Pub for taking the time to stream these live shows and Slaves To Humanity for livening up an otherwise sleepy Saturday night in the midst of a global pandemic. You can see the entire show online at the Gallagher’s Pub Facebook page:

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Slaves To Humanity Crew)

Slaves To Humanity on Facebook

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