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Capital North’s New Single “Envision” is Hopeful Amongst the Chaos

Capital North’s New Single “Envision” is Hopeful Amongst the Chaos

Photo Credit: Jesse Lynch

Capital North’s New Single “Envision” is Hopeful Amongst the Chaos



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Progressive alt-rock duo Capital North has shared their new single, the cathartic and brutally honest “Envision.” The track, which debuted on idobi Radio, is a story about being hopeless, on the verge of full collapse, and how a photo from 80 years ago could bring comfort today.

I wrote the song when I was in a very dark place in my life, probably the most depressed I have ever been,” says guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Farrar. “I would wake up and feel like I was living in a nightmare. I found solace in my dreams, and oddly enough, I would see beautiful things in my dreams. I would see myself being happy, and how easy it was, but when I woke up, it seemed so impossible. Then I stumbled across this photo of my Uncle, taken by my other Uncle, in Iran, right before the revolution and the Shah fell. For some reason, when I stumbled upon this photo, I could feel myself identifying with him. But I saw a hopeful young man, looking out towards the possibilities of life, even amongst a chaotic world. Ultimately, this is why I chose the photo for the cover, it felt right.

Envision” was produced by Finch bassist Daniel Wonacott, who also plays on the track. “Working on ‘Envision‘ was a real pleasure,” says Wonacott. “We took our time crafting the vibe of the song over several different sessions and I think we captured something super cool.”

Capital North formed in 2016 by Jonathan Farrar on guitar and Anthony Zichella on vocals. After the disbanding of their previous projects, and through missions of self-exploration, the duo came together to form a band that would best showcase who they are as musicians and complex artists. Jonathan and Anthony have created a sound that focuses on connecting with the listener through a cohesive journey of life experiences including struggles with health, relationships, life, and death. Their live show completes this story with an immersive multimedia experience and dynamic stage presence. With the release of their debut EP Sea To Sky, Capital North looks excitedly toward the future and the potential of making a monumental impact in the music scene.

“Envision” is available now on Spotify.


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