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DESPERATION BLVD – Sleaze Hard Rock and Roll from Italy

DESPERATION BLVD – Sleaze Hard Rock and Roll from Italy

Band • 2020 • Photo Credit: Gabriele Boz

DESPERATION BLVD – Sleaze Hard Rock and Roll from Italy

DESPERATION BLVD is born from an idea of experienced musicians

Clear echoes of well-known cult bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango, Vain, Babylon A.D., Tuff and Dangerous Toys round off the lively, uplifting sound of the band.
The self-titled debut EP will be out in early December!

On the road of broken hearts!

Since September 17, the Italian hard rockers have been presenting the music video for the track “November Pain” from their self-titled debut EP – and if you think of Guns N’ Roses right away when you hear such a song title, you can feel exactly on the right 80’s track:

Official Lyric Video for the EP song ‘November Pain’
YouTube link:

DESPERATION BLVD is a brand new project from Italy, born from an idea of two experienced musicians, guitarist Alex ‘Crown’ Corona and drummer Elvis ‘Hell’ Ortolan. The trio is completed by bassist Matteo ‘Matt’ Martinelli.

The band’s current debut is a self-titled six-song EP consisting of five enormously crisply orchestrated and cool vocalized original songs as well as the Duran Duran classic “Hold Back The Rain” – a vibrant and enormously casual cover version that immediately defines the strong personality and unique SLEAZE’N’ROLL style of DESPERATION BLVD.

Crown • Guitars
Matt • Bass
Hell • Drums

Guest musicians:
David Reece (Accept, Bangalore Choir) • Vocals in ‘North-East Boulevard
Thomas Silver (Hardcore Superstar) • Guitar solo in ‘North-East Boulevard
Fabio D’Amore (Serenity) • Vocals in ‘Hold Back The Rain
Herma (Sick ‘n’ Beautiful) • Vocals in ‘Queen Of Heartache
Alessia Scolletti (Temperance) • Vocals in ‘Sorry (I Don’t Want You)
Claudio Coassin (Raintime/Fake Idols) • Vocals in ‘Henhouse Tales
Mattia Martin (Bad As) • Vocals in ‘November Pain

This deliciously snappy release is enriched by various guest musicians.

Artwork • “Desperation BLVD”
🎨: Simone ‘Zimon’ Sut for N.B.S. • Imagination & Design

Among others, former Accept singer David Reece is featured in “North-East Boulevard“, and Thomas Silver from Hardcore Superstar contributed a wonderfully fluid guitar solo for the number.

Serenity vocalist Fabio D’Amore, on the other hand, shows in “Hold Back The Rain” that he has a remarkably wide range of skills, while the no less vocally strong, changeable Alessia Scolletti from Temperance in “Sorry (I Don’t Want You)” partly goes completely out of herself.

▶ Official release: December 6ᵗʰ, 2020 ◀

01 November Pain 03.04
02 Queen Of Heartache 03.11
03 Henhouse Tales 03.04
04 North-East Boulevard 03.09
05 Hold Back The Rain 04.13
06 Sorry (I Don’t Want You) 03.53

Recorded and co-produced by Michele Guaitoli, known from the bands Visions Of Atlantis, Overtures and Temperance at The Groove Factory Studio, “Desperation BLVD” will be released in December 2020.


2020 • Desperation BLVD (EP)

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