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Music Box by Mitch Perry Group (Self-released)

Music Box by Mitch Perry Group (Self-released)

Music Box by Mitch Perry Group (Self-released)

Mitch Perry has lived an absolutely brilliant career in music, playing guitar for legends such as McAuley Schenker Group, The Sweet, and even the iconic Cher. Those lucky enough to live anywhere near Hollywoodland would find Mitch Perry generously presenting his massive talents for Ultimate Jam Night at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip in pre-pandemic days. The age of COVID-19 has actually been a creative renaissance for many a musician – through tragedy there must only be triumphant – and in the tumultuous year of 2020, let it be known that Mitch Perry has released a brand new album that is as epic and creative as his guitar artistry. With a little help from his many friends in the industry, the Mitch Perry Group has been born, and their collective creation is the vibrantly stunning Music Box.

Opening with the rocking rage of Saint Valentine, Music Box kicks into supersonic gear, with Mitch Perry and his amazing band colliding with mesmerizing results. Believe presents the entire Mitch Perry Group unveiling a power ballad with a stunning sense of conviction. In The Morning is definitely a wake-up call that will rock your world with its inspiring bluesy reprieves. Passions are seething tenfold on Soul Star, with Tina Turner-style vocals and Mitch Perry’s fiery guitar ripping into the heart of the matter. It’s then time for a visit from the classic Jumping Jack Flash, and the arrangement as presented by the Mitch Perry Group is jam packed with imagination and intrigue.

Part Two of the Music Box experience commences with the impassioned reverberations of Wasted Time, where emotional performances from all members reign supreme. Pack It Up And Go – Remember Me is 8 dazzling minutes of auditory excellence that will stagger the senses of all music connoisseurs. The Pain is heavy blues from the swamp whose rock and roll heart pulsates with ingenuity and spirit. And then closing out the Music Box endeavor is the rapturous I Still Miss You, a blockbuster grand finale leaving the listener craving a whole lot more!

In addition to the prodigious guitar work from Mitch Perry, the Mitch Perry Group consists of Keith England, Shelly Bonet and Kara Turner sharing the lead vocal duties – and dynamic performers they all are! Ed Roth contributes the glorious keyboard interludes while bassist Dan McNay and Tal Bergman deliver a mighty rhythm section event. Every single member of the Mitch Perry Group possesses impressive credits that will tantalize any music aficionado.

Music Box by Mitch Perry Group is the gift we all need to be swept away in as Coronavirus and political turmoil linger on! Music is the universal language indeed, and Mitch Perry’s message of sonic love to the world speaks expansive volumes!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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