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Little Miss Hollywood by Betty Moon (Evolver Music)

Little Miss Hollywood by Betty Moon (Evolver Music)

Little Miss Hollywood by Betty Moon (Evolver Music)

Almost a lifetime ago, Canadian vocalist Betty Moon was on A&M Records, unveiling her Self-Titled Full Length debut in 1991. Proceeding on through other entities such as St Clair and EMI, Betty Moon would soon take matters into her own hands, launching the Evolver Records imprint in 2006. With an output of recordings that are both fascinating and imaginative, Betty Moon is certainly as innovative as contemporary artists such as Madonna and Lady Gaga – just somehow not as well known. And with the release of her latest Little Miss Hollywood endeavor, Ms. Moon is at the height of her vivid creative prowess. Little Miss Hollywood is an album that will enrapture both fans of the radio land mainstream and the indie artistic music connoisseurs. If only the worldwide airwaves would venture out to rep something this exciting!

I’m gonna show you what you’re missing, late at night we’re dancing to the blinding lights,” Ms. Moon murmurs sensually at the commencement of the album’s title track Little Miss Hollywood – and the aural adventure has truly begun! Did It For Nothing is seething with passion and drive, with its “we’ve got blood on our hands” denouement. Your Dirty Love is wondrously rapturous – an infectious selection that will spin seductively in your head for ages!

How Do You Like Me Now will rock your world with its synthesized guitars and viper fueled vocals. Another standout cut is the pulsating beat action of The Liar – a stunning choice for a single that slinks into the heart of the matter in nothing short of a triumphant fashion.  The 10 songs found within Little Miss Hollywood unleash an energy that will tantalize the senses and set the imagination in flight.

With Grammy season on the way, it would be amazing and almost revolutionary to include a truly innovative artist like Betty Moon into the mix.   She’s been releasing compelling music under the radar for years, where familiar genres such as electronic, indie, funk and dance collide with absolutely captivating results. Whether you are a Grammy tastemaker or a music lover looking to take an auditory odyssey, Little Miss Hollywood by Betty Moon possesses enough star power and fevered emotion to light up the galaxy.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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