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Northern Silence Productions will release SINIRA’s truly triumphant debut long-player “The Everlorn”!

Northern Silence Productions will release SINIRA’s truly triumphant debut long-player “The Everlorn”!

On February 26 established German Label Northern Silence Productions will release SINIRA’s truly triumphant debut long-player “The Everlorn”!

Frenzied grandeur!

The timeless style of great Swedish pioneers like Dissection, Vinterland, Unanimated, Dawn and Sacramentum, multi-instrumentalist and singer Knell feels obliged not only musically-ideally and tastefully.

Even more, the enthusiast has become so addicted to the legendary legacy of these titans that his excellent debut album “The Everlorn” goes far beyond the status of mere homage.

In 2016, he founded SINIRA – for Knell, this was the beginning of the very personal fulfillment of his MELODIC BLACK METAL longings, so to speak.

Two years later, the first demo Dawnless Twilight followed, which the versatile maestro now follows up with a truly powerful long-playing strike:

Artwork • “The Everlorn”
🎨: KN

▶ Official release: February 26ᵗʰ, 2021 ◀
[ 🔗 Northern Silence Productions ]

01. Where Starlight Does Not Shine 07:47
02. Gardens Of Pestilence 08:21
03. The Everlorn 09:26
04. Souls Of The Flame 01:48
05. Tear Ladened Skies 06:48
06. Our Final Nightfall 07:45
07. Dawnless Twilight 11:27
08. Omega XI 02:44

total: 56:06 min.

Knell • SINIRA
2021 • 📸 JAR

Knell • All instruments, Vocals

Eight wonderfully catchy and rousingly triumphant tracks that hold everything that once so magnificently began the great whole of this unique métier!

With The Everlorn the gifted exceptional artist succeeded in a flawless bull’s eye.

SINIRA quickly inspires with uplifting melodies, intoxicatingly desperate vocals and heaps of thundering pattering playing tempos.


2018 • Dawnless Twilight (EP)
2019 • Soulreaper (Single)
2019 • Where Starlight Does Not Shine (Single)
2021 • The Everlorn (Full-length)

10 / 10
“… without a doubt one of the best ( if not the best) albums released in 2020/21 … master of furious melody … pure devotion to chaos, which conquers without a doubt all the darkest nostalgic waters …”
(Science Of Noise)

4 / 5
“… a working, dynamic, determined disc with an obvious quality in all its forms.
(El Portal Del Metal)

8 / 10
“… the result of a unique artistic vision … guitar playing is effective … extremely atmospheric … drumming goes in the faster direction, which I appreciate … production is very good.”
(WeRock NU)

8 / 10
“… an interesting release … unstoppable hurricane of sawing guitars and raging drums … the variety of musical diversity is simply incredible.”
(KOBZR Magazine)

7 / 10
“… guitars with a clear Scandinavian Melodic Black Metal influence … epic and dramatic … everything revolves around rhythmic exchanges, rolls leading to the classic outburst, but there are also fast and direct dynamic parts … the vicious, corrupt and unhealthy aura of the genre is clearly heard … good example of a reference to a bygone era with an heartfelt debut and an fair homage.”
(Metal IT)

3 / 5
“… sounding huge … the drums thunder across the sonic field like a a rumbling tank whilst the snare shoots through your ears like a machine gun … really love the sharpness and clarity of the guitar tones … icy riffs … very well mixed album … adds that bit extra as well as maintaining the aggression and rawness of the songs.

“… will not fail to make people talk about it and make the artist rising into another dimension … in any case a first album of great quality released by the Texan project, which leaves with a head start to win the honorary title of the discovery of the year.””

“… a gem that does not stop to scream out of the chest … the reproducibility is quite high with the musicality that everyone remembers … especially the first half of songs is convincing … a masterpiece … recommended for all Black Metal fans …”
(Noisy Minority Work)

“… full of melody, amazing riffs and all together do very good songs, and the very good songs do an amazing album.”
(Blessed Altar)

“… was recommended to me by a member of The Metal Gamer community and I can’t thank her enough for it! This debut screams Dissection, hell I even had to check at times if it wasn’t them playing some unreleased tracks or something … if you love melodic Death/Black Metal then you will love this, simple as that.”
(The Metal Gamer)

“… a highly-melodic work, full of the sort of genuine lead guitar work often missing from extreme Metal.”
(No Clean Singing)

Pure and hard brutality with an undeniable classic evocation … sounds very good … a lot of power.

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