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Granny 4 Barrel Returns with Provocative Song and Video “The Art Of Deception”

Granny 4 Barrel Returns with Provocative Song and Video “The Art Of Deception”


Granny 4 Barrel continues to shock and rock with the brand new track, “The Art of Deception.”

G4B’s first release since 2019, the song and it’s accompanying video prove once again that the “Matriarch of Metal™” is without question one of the most incendiary artists on the scene today.

Despite all the obstacles presented during the Covid-19 pandemic, Granny (aka Terry LeRoi) managed to link up with longtime producer/collaborater David Bendeth and create a slew of new material, including a cover of Ronnie James Dio’sStand Up and Shout” under the name “LeRoi XIII”. The track featured performances by Will Hunt and Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence), Aaron Pauley (Of Mice & Men), and guitarist Sammy Boller. The cover was met with rave reviews and is currently generating hundreds of thousands of streams/views with all proceeds being donated to Dio’s SUAS charity.

All of that wood shedding and hard work from 2020 has paid off with a forthcoming string of new singles throughout 2021, the first of which is “The Art of Deception.”

And while this powerful track most certainly rocks, it’s the music video that puts it over the top! Check the video out here!

The video was shot in an old castle on the Hudson River called “Greystone Court.” Master videographers David Brodsky and Allison Woest from My Good Eye Visuals did a breathtaking job capturing the dark essence of the track. Brodsky explains “We shot filming in super-slow-motion, we were able to capture our stellar cast’s interpretive dances, bringing the song to life visually and expressively. It was a remarkably entertaining shoot and we’re all quite proud of the result.

LeRoi explains, “The character of Granny is inspired by horror movies, villains and anti-heroes. If you take a closer look inside, there are psychological components to this alter ego that give it depth. It’s the perfect vehicle for me to express my disdain for stereotypes and intolerance. But it also gives me equal satisfaction on the theatrical and musical side.”

Terry continued Granny’s extended family (the fans) relate to not only the sheer visual insanity of G4B but in grand heavy metal fashion there’s an element of danger that says I really like this but I’m kind of afraid of it as well! (laughs) They embrace the idea of a surrogate witch-like metal Granny who kicks ass, loves them equally but doesn’t hesitate to dish out scathing proclamations against evil and injustice. Granny 4 Barrel succinctly delivers the message “Never judge a book by its cover!”

Writing this track with David Bendeth was a great experience” explains LeRoiWe delved into darker waters and were able to explore and stretch out musically and vocally. I believe we hit upon a theme a lot of folks can relate to “The Art Of Deception” begs the question, ‘Who do you really trust?’ Your leaders…your friends? Beware infiltrators among us – they are wolves in sheep‘s clothing!’ It’s an honor to share this menacing track with all of the rock ‘n’ roll children!”

First breaking onto the scene with the track “Freak FlagG4B then toured extensively and received heavy rotation on terrestrial and satellite radio with the track “Nitro Sexy“. Most of the singles were accompanied by outrageous videos, including “She Likes Guns” which was directed by the one and only Stormy Daniels. Now Granny 4 Barrel is ready to take 2021 full-on with hands down their best work yet– the first strike being a can’t miss with “The Art of Deception.”


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