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Ghost Of My Fathers Past by Fiction Syxx (Gemini Rising Records)

Ghost Of My Fathers Past by Fiction Syxx (Gemini Rising Records)

Ghost Of My Fathers Past by Fiction Syxx (Gemini Rising Records)

Mark Allen Lanoue and his band Fiction Syxx have always been counted on to release the very best in melodic hard rock artistry – and with the unveiling of Ghost Of My Fathers Past, one encounters this amazing collective at their most imaginative and impassioned. With the release of singles here and there preparing the listeners for the dazzling full length, Ghost Of My Fathers Past has finally arrived, and the impact of the auditory adventure found within will devastate the senses and set the imagination in flight.

From the somber opening refrains of Bleed For The Truth, it is clear from the get go that Lanoue and company are presenting a deeply personal soundtrack to their lives. Lanoue’s vocals are absolutely mesmerizing, exuding triumph and heartbreak on the opening track and throughout the entire album. Caught In The Moment will clearly captivate your senses while My Father’s Ghost is stark and epic with it’s “history is long forgotten” lyrical content.

Waiting, Wonderful demonstrates how gloriously effective Fiction Syxx is with a haunting power ballad that will leave a decided impact on your heart and soul. History Comes Tumbling Down lashes at the listener with it’s powerhouse commentary meshing gloriously with its hard rocking soundscapes. The staggering intensity rages on with selections such as This Place Called Life and Innocence raging supreme. Be sure to stay for the end for an absolutely blistering cover of Black Sabbath’s Children Of The Sea, a wildly effective grand finale to an unforgettable auditory experience.

Ghost Of My Fathers Past is a powerful, introspective masterwork presenting each and every Fiction Syxx participant at the very height of their creative prowess. An overall thrill to the senses that serious music fans will want to revisit time and again. The passion and intrigue of Fiction Syxx is presented by Mark Allen Lanoue on lead vocals and guitar, JK Northrup on guitar and backing vocals, Rory Faciane on drums, Larry Hart on bass, and Eric Ragno on keyboards.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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