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Jei-Rynn at Break Room 86 – Live Review

Jei-Rynn at Break Room 86 – Live Review

JEI-RYNN at Break Room 86, The Line Hotel, Los Angeles, CA., October 26, 2022

Jei-Rynn is a solo artist on the rise who truly makes emo music rock! All this, and he has the best hair in town! A recent member of the LA Rock Collective, Jei-Rynn performed his first show with his new band at the amazing Break Room 86 club, embedded deep within the heart of The Line Hotel. Presenting songs from his recently released Overreacting EP, Jei-Rynn and his band filled the cavernous Break Room 86 with the massive sounds of emo-tinged pop punk.

Opening the set with the exhilarating reverberations of Still Alive, Jei-Rynn performed with a good amount of passion and conviction throughout the entire set. Standout selections included I’m Done, Oxytoxin, and Sleeping (All Day).

In addition to Jei-Rynn’s thoroughly magnetic performance, his band really rocked the house out as well. Allan Fajardo colored in the sonic passages with imagination and intrigue on guitar. And what an absolute beast drummer Seth Hernandez was, driving home the emo sounds with a massive vengeance!

Be sure to check out Jei-Rynn on Spotify and Instagram and discover a brand-new artist on the rise! Allan Fajardo is also in a band called The Broken Windows, so be sure to check them out as well. And spotted in the audience were members of Against The Sun showing their support!

Go out and see local shows! You just might discover your next favorite band. In the meantime, be sure to make your way over to Jei-Rynn’s Instagram page as he is soon to announce his next live appearance taking place on December 3rd with Against The Sun also on the bill!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Linda Emord of EyeShutter4U)

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