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twentylove at The Knitting Factory – Live Review

twentylove at The Knitting Factory – Live Review

twentylove, The Knitting Factory, North Hollywood, CA., February 26, 2023

twentylove is the solo project of Dan Burke, who has presented to the world a blissful collection of studio recordings. Bringing it all live to The Knitting Factory right in the heart of the NoHo District, twentylove sent the songs into even greater heights. Opening with the one-two bangers of recently released tracks Can I Please Stay and Pressure, twentylove instantly won over the audience with their superbly memorable songs and infectiously live performances.

Dan Burke is quite a remarkable vocalist, exuding a stunning amount of star potential while delivering each and every song with a massive amount of heart and conviction. The rapturously imaginative two guitar interludes were presented courtesy of Will Ventres and Dustin Coon, while Kevin Vidou on bass and Kevin Smart on drums supplied a dynamically energetic rhythm section. In a live setting, twentylove really know how to engage an audience.

And the memorable songs kept on arriving, with selections such as Flight, So Pretty, and My Summer setting the imagination in flight. Getting Used To This is wistful and comtemplative in the studio, and has quite an emotional impact when performed live. Closing the set out with Everlong and Chase You, twentylove’s grand finale was absolutely captivating.

A few funs facts about twentyloveDan Burke and Kevin Smart also tour across the county in Jake Miller’s live band. Kevin Smart also plays drums for The Stolen – another amazing indie pop band that is well worth seeking out! The Stolen’s Self-Titled album released on Revival Recordings in 2019 is epically underrated.

Be sure to check out twentylove the next time they play a show in your town. And be on the look out for the debut twentylove full-length entitled Pressure In My Head Again, out March 31st!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jessica Greif)

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