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TAZ Release First Single and Video ‘Shipwrecked’

TAZ Release First Single and Video ‘Shipwrecked’

TAZ Release First Single and Video ‘Shipwrecked’

Eonian Records is pleased to present the first single and lyric video, ‘Shipwrecked’ from the upcoming two album set from TAZ.

Of the many “almost-famous” Rock bands from The Sunset Strip throughout the ‘80s, TAZ stands out as the biggest. This band combined Pop, Funk, Metal, and Glam with a stage show that would not let you look away for fear of missing something amazing.

Shipwrecked’ was produced by Rob Cavallo, producer, musician, and record industry executive. He is among the biggest-selling producers in history and has produced or been creatively involved in albums that sold over 130 million units worldwide. Primarily known for his production work with Green Day, he has also worked with Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Alanis Morissette, Black Sabbath, and Shinedown, among others. He has also won multiple Grammy Awards.

Rob was great; he loved what we were doing and wanted to work with us,” Ethan Gladstone said. “(He’s a) very talented guy. I think we might have been among one of his first artists. He got us a demo deal with Warner Bros. We recorded with big-time engineer Magic A. Moreno (David Lee Roth, Phil Collins, Steve Vai) and Rob producing. We thought this was going to be it. Unfortunately, Warner ended up passing. Thankful to see the Cavallo/Moreno sessions come to fruition with Eonian Records.”

Playing the Southern California club circuit, songwriters and lyricists Ethan Gladstone and Kent Kleven, along with Neil Carlson and Mike Downey, formed one of the most unique and dynamic bands of the ’80s named MANIAC THRUST in 1983.

Playing their breed of energetic Pop-Metal, MANIAC THRUST played throughout Hollywood and Orange County. After several drumming changes and a couple bass players, the band played their final show as MANIAC THRUST in the fall of 1985, eventually changing their name to TAZ.

The newly named four-piece band continued playing at numerous Hollywood, Orange County, San Francisco, and Las Vegas clubs. The crowd’s response was exceptional wherever they played, and they always filled the clubs to capacity. TAZ had formed one of the hottest bands to hit the Rock scene in years.

In 1987 West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip scene had exploded! Hard Rock and Glam Metal were now dominating the top of the Billboard Music Charts, selling millions of copies multiple times over, selling out worldwide tours, and producing chart-topping singles while opening the door to MTV and commercial success for other bands at the end of the decade. It also became the most competitive market for Rock ‘N’ Roll that had existed.

During this time, TAZ’s craft had begun to take shape, as they continued to take their songwriting to a new pinnacle. Exceptionally talented, TAZ was taking California by storm. They continued to sell out every venue they played especially throughout West Hollywood, including Gazzarris, The Roxy, Troubadour, L.A. Country Club, and Whisky, they were featured in BAM, Hollywood Rocks, Rock City News, and Screamer, as well as on the best Rock radio station in the country, KNAC Pure Rock 105.5.

Over the next three years, TAZ would record with famed producers such as Kim Vincent Fowley and Rob Cavallo, as well as in The Hangar 14 Studio, Music Grinder Studios, Monterey Sound Studios, and Take One Studio. How TAZ never made it big is among Rock music’s great mysteries, but at least we can now discover TAZ all over again.

TAZ is K.K. on vocals, Ethan Gladstone on guitar, Rick Berry on guitar, Chris Roy on bass, with Kenny Pierce (Imagine World Peace & SOUL) playing drums onWake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1and Joey Carallo playing drums on “Shipwrecked, Vol. 2.”

Wake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1” and “Shipwrecked, Vol. 2.” will be available via Eonian Records, online retailers worldwide, as well as all digital platforms Friday, September 15, 2023. Pre-orders to begin in August at


Eonian Records is a Hard Rock & Metal label, store, and distributor with offices in both Indianapolis, Ind. & Southbury, Conn. Founded in 2008, the label chronicles yesterday’s unsung hard rock heroes by specializing in new, rare, and often never-released recordings.

Eonian Records believes that great music never dies. Just because a lost recording resided in a state of dormancy for the last quarter-century does not mean it should automatically be discarded. If you purchase an album bearing the Eonian Records logo, you can rest assured that it deserves to be released.

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