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Villain of the Story is back with their new emotional single “Better”

Villain of the Story is back with their new emotional single “Better”

Villain of the Story is back with their new emotional single “Better”

After their hit single “Losing Control” (2021), US Alt-Rock/Metalcore group Villain of the Story now releases a brand new song titled “Better” through Out Of Line Music!

With “Better“, the band shows a softer, more vulnerable side of themselves and their music. Emotional struggle and depression are the main theme of the song, making it a well-fitted contribution to the times we live in, where mental health is increasingly becoming a main focus point in our society. While mental illnesses like depression are still somewhat of a taboo and seemingly more and more people struggle with it, there’s also a trend towards more awareness around these issues, creating a more mindful, accepting environment for those struggling. “Better” contributes to this rise of mental health-awareness by openly broaching the issue of seeing someone close to you going through a dark time and simply being there for them.

It’s not about trying to fix things or offer solutions but rather being present and supportive, a shoulder to cry on, and providing a safe place to let out all the negative thoughts and emotions.” – Villain of the Story

Although the song doesn’t focus heavily on trying to be optimistic or inspiring, it delivers one comforting message of hope: “It gets better“.


Villain of the Story:
Christian Grey (vocals)
Logan Bartholomew (vocals)
Cody Pauly (Guitar)
Page Brownie (Bass)

Formed in 2014, Minneapolis Minnesota’s Villain of the Story can be described as a modern spin on 2010’s metalcore fused with 2000’s radio rock. To date the band has released 3 studio albums and an EP amassing 20+ million plays across all platforms.

With their new single “Better“, Villain of the Story now start an exciting new chapter in their musical career and certainly have some more aces (aka great tracks) up their sleeves.

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