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Superblood at The Viper Room – Live Review

Superblood at The Viper Room – Live Review

Superblood, The Viper Room, July 14, 2023

Superblood made their way to the notorious Viper Room on the Sunset Strip for an absolutely amazing show. Fronted by its mastermind and creator Cam Rostami, Superblood mixes genres such as pop punk, emo, and indie alternative, coming up with a vibrantly explosive sound. The band is really beginning to leave quite an impression on the L.A. music scene, and their performance within the hallowed walls of The Viper Room presented Rostami’s Superblood at the very height of their creative energies. All this, and Evan from TX2 was tucked away in the back, delivering the super intensive beats on the drum kit.

Once the curtain on the tiny yet iconic Viper Room stage opened, Superblood launched into a striking rendition of BRUIZEZ followed by the just unleashed How To Survive A Shark Attack single. Three unreleased songs were unveiled at the show, including When The Kids Fight Back, SICKO!, and HIT ME. One noticed right away Cam’s superbly enthusiastic live performance and vibrantly memorable songs enveloping the room, capturing the attention of even the most jaded of club attendees.   Superblood closed out the show with Miserable Wreck (Bad Habits), a wickedly memorable selection that should be all over the worldwide radio airwaves. Judging by the reaction from the audience to this collection of absorbing tunes, Cam Rostami and Superblood are well on the way into the big leagues!

And fun fact: In addition to Superblood, Cam Rostami is also the guitarist for TX2, who is about to go on tour with the one and only Sleeping With Sirens! Cam and Superblood have come a long way in such a brief period of time, and he is definitely an artist on the rise who is not to be missed!  Incidentially, music fans just might want to give TX2 a listen as well, because their subversive brand of pop punk is thoroughly imaginative and well worth seeking out.

Next Superblood live performance: August 17th at El Cid!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Amanda Rebholz / @darkroomlament)

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