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Stain The Canvas Share Massive New Single, “friXion,” Announce Deluxe Edition Of Full-Length Album, All Fine / eniF llA

Stain The Canvas Share Massive New Single, “friXion,” Announce Deluxe Edition Of Full-Length Album, All Fine / eniF llA

Stain The Canvas Share Massive New Single, “friXion,” Announce Deluxe Edition Of Full-Length Album, All Fine / eniF llA

Post-hardcore band, Stain The Canvas are sharing their huge new single “friXion” on August 25 via InVogue Records. Along side this release comes the announcement of the band’s deluxe edition of their newest full-length record, All Fine / eniF llA due out November 17. The deluxe album highlights Stain The Canvas’ remix of fan favorite single “Puppet.” The track is remixed by RAIZHELL and features Get Scared Vocalist, Nicholas Matthews.

Preview the track here

friXion” is a song that comes pounding in, delivering theatrical vocals and a stand-out dance melody. The track is lined with venomous screams that are placed strategically against “friXion’s” hypnotic sound. Stain The Canvas stays true to themselves throughout the song’s theme found in the hypocrisy of cancel culture.

“”friXion is a dissing track against the extremism of the cancel culture. It describes the illusional power the people think to have, when they want to cancel someone on the internet. It also underlines the hypocrisy of these people as if they never had a skeleton in the closet.” Says the band about the single.

We wanted to release a deluxe edition for our All Fine / eniF llA album because we felt the need to experiment a little bit more with what our sound is. We think these three new songs are a bit different from what you heard previously, but they still have those vibes. Also the lyrics fit good with what we talked about on All Fine / eniF llA: they’re pretty sad or pessimistic, and sometimes even more critical.” Says the band regarding the forthcoming record.

All Fine / eniF llA Deluxe Edition Tracklist:
1. “希望とは何ですか?”
2. “HXPE”
3. “Condemned” (feat. The Word Alive)
4. “Shine” (死ね)
5. “Stolen Youth” (feat. Outline In Color & Famous Last Words)
6. “End”
7. “Overload.Exe”
8. “And I Don’t Believe In Anything, Anymore”
9. “LXVE”
10. “Dead Circus”
11. “Ravenous”
12. “Keep Dancing…”
13. “Puppet” (feat. Get Scared)
14. “All These Lights Are Graves”
15. “ob-la-di, ob-la-die” (feat. Call Me Karizma)
16. “Brain Is The Closest Thing To A Time Machine We Have”
17. “friXion”
18. “In Reverse”
19. “Disposable”
20. “Puppet” – RAIZHELL Remix
21. “Puppet” – RAIZHELL Remix Sped Up
About Stain The Canvas:

Stain The Canvas is: Bryan Marte (Vocals,) Lorenzo Accàttoli (Guitar,) Riccardo Cerolini (Guitar,) Luca Giorgi (Bass,) and Alessandro Bonetti (Drums;) formed in 2019 honing in on their ability to be self-produced and instantly taking the world by storm with their ferocious sound. The band immediately caught the attention of thousands of fans all over the globe since stepping on to the scene. In 2020 the Milan-based band dropped their first album God Made Hell and landed on their first European Tour in 2021. The band has released electrifying new singles such as “Stolen Youth” and “ob-la-di, ob-la-die” featured on their November ’22 release, All Fine / eniF llA. Stain The Canvas has recently wrapped a UK/EU tour supporting Attila and have had recent performances at MadRook Festival and Sziget Festival attracting 400k attendees. Their music has been featured on idobi Radio, Wacken, Primordial and in several editorial playlists such as New Core, All New Metal, New Blood, The Others, Breaking Metal, Fresh Blood, Metalcore and Heavy New Rock. The band has gained notable press support from Alternative Press Magazine and Rock Meeting. The band’s sophomore album, out now via InVogue Records has amassed 8M+ Global streams. Stain The Canvas continues to draw attention to themselves with their newest collaboration with RAIZHELL on their remix of fan favorite track “Puppet,” produced by RAIZHELL

We had the chance to get to know Nicolò (RAIZHELL) some time ago, when a good friend of ours, an Italian artist called Gionnyscandal, introduced him to us, inviting him to play some beer pong at Lorenzo’s house” the band says regarding the remix collaboration. “We instantly loved his works and we thought it would have been cool to add some fresh phonk touch to our style, and so the collaboration was born!All Fine / eniF llA (Deluxe Edition) due out November 17 via InVogue Records.

Keep up with the band on: Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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