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Rise by Holy Mother (Massacre Records)

Rise by Holy Mother (Massacre Records)

Rise by Holy Mother (Massacre Records)

Holy Mother is a long running heavy metal band featuring the absolutely amazing vocals of Mike Tirelli. Comparisons to Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford may abound, but Tirelli possesses a stunning passion and individuality that really transforms any project that he’s been involved with – whether it’s Jack Starr’s Burning Star, Messiah’s Kiss, Riot V, and especially Holy Mother. And with the astounding emergence of Rise, Tirelli and Holy Mother place to pedal to the metal and send it all up into the stratosphere!

From the opening refrains of the scorching Fire to the headbanging entreaties of The Elevator and beyond, Rise shows Holy Mother at the very height of their heavy metal prowess.  Other grand and glorious standout tracks include Jeremiah, Interventionist, and the wondrously magical Hex.

In addition to Mike Tirelli’s staggering vocal performances, the rest of the Holy Mother brigade absolutely reigns supreme. New guitarist Mickey Lyxx brings a fire and magnetic energy to the proceeding, shredding it all with a massive amount of imagination and intensity. The powerhouse rhythm section is first rate, featuring the dynamic performances of Wayne Banks on bass and James Harris on drums.

Here’s hoping Holy Mother make their way across the States to tour in support of the rapturous Rise. Fans of the almighty Dio will be over the moon when encountering what Holy Mother has to offer to the heavy metal world at large.  Rise is surely one of the best classic metal albums of the year!  Watch for an interview with Mike Tirelli and Mickey Lyxx of Holy Mother coming soon to Highwire Daze magazine and online!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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