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Good Things by Bridget Barkan (Self-released single)

Good Things by Bridget Barkan (Self-released single)

Good Things by Bridget Barkan (Self-released single)

Bridget Barkan is best known for her work in the Scissor Sisters as well as starring in LGBTQ romantic classic Walk with Me. And now Bridget Barkan has released an amazing single entitled Good Things that definitely packs an emotional wallop – all this and you could dance to it as well! Bridget possesses a powerful voice filled with soul and intrigue.

Everything is beautiful, everything is awful,” are the dueling yet compatible musings found within this vibrantly gripping song about life and loss. Filled with rapturous cinematic soundscapes and yet wondrously poignant, Good Things is sure to leave an impact on all dealing with challenging obstacles in their existence.

With the arrival of Good Things, Ms. Barkan delivers the liberating pop rocking melodies tenfold, and it’s an anthem that should be all over the radio airwaves along with classic reveries from icons such as Madonna and Lady Gaga. It will be exciting to witness what the future has in store for this brilliantly perceptive talent! Be sure to check out the video below or on YouTube.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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