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Hardcastle at Genghis Cohen – Live Review

Hardcastle at Genghis Cohen – Live Review

Hardcastle, Genghis Cohen, Los Angeles, CA., May 22, 2024

Two years from now when Hardcastle slam into the big leagues, there are going to be longtime fans who will say “I knew them back when” – and will cite the absolutely amazing performance Hardcastle unveiled at Genghis Cohen on the night May 22, 2024!  The event was sold out, and the showroom at Genghis Cohen was packed tightly, awaiting the arrival of the up-and-coming Hardcastle. Among those in attendance were members of Straitjacket, another band on the rise who is beginning to make a lot of noise on the national music scene. The night belonged to Hardcastle, and what a rocking and heartfelt performance they delivered!

Originally formed in Nashville in 2018 by vocalist/guitarist Graham Laderman, Hardcastle is now based out of Los Angeles. And in spite of the very crowded room, the Highwire Daze crew would make their way to the front of the stage for this very vibrant and intimate performance. Amongst the super impassioned songs performed was fan favorite Mundane as well as the recently issued Hostage – presented with a wondrous sense of introspection and triumph.

Graham Laderman is such a dynamic, expressive front man who really knows how to bring the listener into his very relatable world of thoughtful, empowering lyrics. Perro Murillo absolutely shined on lead guitar, filling the songs with a glorious sense of imagination and intrigue. Iman Behshid also delivered the rocking goods on guitar while bassist Noah Christian and drummer Jason Puma made for a super intensive rhythm section.

Hardcastle play indie rock at its finest and most compelling, and definitely left an impact within a live setting. Closing with the stunning Circuit, which is also the title track to their upcoming EP, Hardcastle left their friends and fans with a glorious night of music and memories. Be sure to check into the world of Hardcastle and get to know this inspiring band while you could still see them weaving their magic in the local clubs! The Circuit EP will be released on September 13 via MNRK!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Vivian Ortega of So Finch Photography)

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