Jens Broman, vocalist for Swedish thrash band DARKANE, has decided to leave the band.

DARKANE members have issued the following update via their official website:

“Jens is replaced by Lawrence Mackrory who sang on our debut album Rusted Angel (1999) and did a guest appearance on ‘Chaos vs. Order’ on Expanding Senses (2002). DARKANE would like to wish Jens the best of luck in the future.

“Lawrence will make his new debut with DARKANE in Strasbourg, France September 20th when our European headlining tour will start, together with Destinity and Devastating Enemy. We are all very excited about the future, and are also working hard on the new album. We recently finished building the studio that we’ve been working on over the last 18 months, and we are very satisfied.”

Former vocalist Jens Broman states:

“I will leave DARKANE. This has to do with personal issues. At the moment my life is in a phase where I’m unable to find inspiration for new adventures with DARKANE and therefore it’s best for me to pass on the mic. I will miss you all, the tours, all you dedicated fans and most of all my band mates. But know that DARKANE have found a superb replacement in Lawrence Mackrory. Good luck and stay metal!”

Returning DARKANE vocalist Lawrence Mackrory shares the following:

“It is with great pleasure I can finally announce my return to DARKANE. I have been waiting for this opportunity to appear and finally the time was right for me to continue what we started 13 years ago. Both Andreas [Sydow] and Jens [Broman] have done a tremendous job with the band, which will keep me on my toes while performing live for sure.

“The first time I met Peter [Wildoer, drummer], Christofer [Malmström, guitarist], Klas [Ideberg, guitarist] and Jörgen [Löfberg, bassist] was when they arrived at the studio in my hometown in Uppsala to record the debut album Rusted Angel. We had only spoken on the phone before and yet there I was, ready to record an album with them. After my departure we remained good friends but didn’t really see much of each other since we lived in different parts of the country.

“Now, the chemistry between the five of us is more vibrant than ever and I can’t wait to go on tour and perform songs from all five albums. The new DARKANE album is already in the works and I can guarantee that all fans, both old and new, will enjoy this record. So far the demos sound awesome, let’s just leave it at that. I’m looking forward to finally meeting all DARKANE-fans on the road. See you real soon!”

DARKANE’s fifth studio album, Demonic Art, debuted at #104 on the Billboard Heatseekers (Top New Artist) chart in 2009.

Visit DARKANE online at www.DARKANE.com, www.facebook.com/DARKANE, www.myspace.com/DARKANE, and on Twitter.


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