The Pagan Metal Rituals of Welicoruss

Photo Credit: Joto Chelidze

Photo Credit: Joto Chelidze

The Pagan Metal Rituals of Welicoruss

Within an auditory odyssey of adventure, one finds the symphonic pagan metal rituals of the mighty Welicoruss weaving a spell upon all venturing out to give a listen.  The creation of Alexey Boganov and brought to you from Prague via the remote terrains of Siberia, Welicoruss is sure to enrapture a worldwide metal audience.  Az Esm’ is the name of the latest Welicoruss masterwork, a self-released effort that is absolutely staggering to behold.  Contained within is a recent interview we conducted with Alexey Boganov to find out more about the glorirous Welicoruss and the compelling Az Esm’ .  Let the rituals commence…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Welicoruss, and how long the band has been together.
Hi, everybody! My name is Alexey, I’m leader of symphonic pagan-black metal band Welicoruss. One-man project Welicoruss was founded in 2002, but the band itself exists since 2005. From 2005 to 2013 we’d been based in Novosibirsk with first lineup. In 2013 I’ve moved to Prague and found a new lineup, which is young, active and full of energy and we’ve already managed to do many things together.

Where is your band based out of and what is the metal scene like there? Compare the Russian and Czech music scenes?
Now the band is based in Prague and, honestly, I can’t compare Russian and Czech metal scene well, because the most of time I spent within Siberian community and I haven’t had much possibilities to meet Moscow musicians for example. But I can definitely say that the musical activity is pretty high in Czech Republic, but they mostly don’t play abroad for unknown reasons. There are a lot of thrash and punk music here, but in Russia you can find many representatives of any possible style.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Az Esm`?
Yes, sure. Az Esm’ is very conceptual and personal album. It had been making for a long time – about 5 years – and it has absorbed all my thoughts and the transformation of my worldview. The main subject is the development of the spiritual aspect of the human being, growing you up as a divinity, self research and mystical side of existence. It’s difficult to describe the conception in few words, but I never wanted to write about any regular things. There is something deep inside of us that always asks questions about the most intimate things – the soul, the Universe, the life, the higher beings. So, Az Esm is a quintessence of my thoughts.

How does Az Esm` compare to the previous Welicoruss releases?
I think it’s a fundamentally new stuff with different subject and implementation. There are some parallels and you can feel our style, but this album is much higher in musical and pithy meanings. On my current phase of life I can surely say I’m proud of it.

10933739_10152585988021835_8583523209312826664_nSelect two songs from Az Esm` and what inspired the lyrics.
Let it be Sons of the North and Woloshba.
Sons of the North was inspired by Skyrim. I like the Scandinavian, Northern and Vikings theme much. I wanted to capture such amazing epic atmosphere and to bring those times back!
Woloshba is a ritual song, made in some kind of pagan form. It tells about the unity of human, nature and higher forces in a magic act and about upcoming global changes in the World.

With so many members coming and going, what do you think has kept Welicoruss such a vibrant entity since 2002?
I’ll say it honestly and without any unnecessary modesty that the most of work was done by me. I made almost all of songs and I led all the creative process from the beginning to the end. Probably, this is the answer.

What could one expect from a live Welicoruss show?
On our shows we are trying to do our best, to give maximum of energy and to show what we are singing about in images. The music is a ritual for us, and its meaning is much higher than just entertainment and relaxation. Music is a vibration that has made the worlds!

What are you looking forward to the most about your upcoming show with Finsterforst and how you ever played or toured with them before?
We’ve never been on tour with them, and the show is already played meanwhile. It was fun, they are nice guys!

What is your favorite beer of choice and why?
I like dark Budweiser and a Černá Hora much! Czech beer is awesome!

What’s up next for Welicoruss?
More tours, more shows, more albums and, of course, more metal!

Any final words of wisdom?
Be good boys, behave well and listen to metal music! \m/

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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