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HERETOIR • Atmospheric Post Black Metal • 🆕 3rd album “Nightsphere” • Oct. 06

HERETOIR • Atmospheric Post Black Metal • 🆕 3rd album “Nightsphere” • Oct. 06

📸 Toni B. Gunner Photography

HERETOIR • Atmospheric Post Black Metal • 🆕 3rd album “Nightsphere” • Oct. 06

👉 Bewitching third album of the German sorcerers!
👉 An intensive as dreamy and touching experience!
👉 Songs full of (harsh) beauty and dark grace!

Official album release:
Oct. 06, 2023

The band says about “Nightsphere”:
This album is very special to us as this is our first album that was entirely written as a full band, featuring contributions of every single member of the band. The songs are dedicated to the spirits of the wilderness. ‘Nightsphere’ is an atmospheric maelstrom that will engulf you.”

𝕰𝖘𝖙. 2005 • 🇩🇪
Atmospheric Post Black Metal

🔎 FFO:
Alcest, Lantlôs, Amesoeurs

📁 Genres:
Atmospheric Black Metal, Post Metal, Post Rock, Shoegaze

Dancing with nature spirits …

Only 5 months after their 2023 mini-album “Wastelands“, HERETOIR releasing their new intense full-length “Nightsphere“!

The new record is a concept album dealing with the struggle between the forces of nature and a world of machines. Humanity is in the midst of this confrontation, and the dichotomy between living as an animal among animals and existing as a cog in the wheel of progress determines the course of the story the five songs tell.

Nightsphere” is a dark album that weaves atmospheric Black Metal parts with melodic clean passages, swirling blast beats with calm Post Rock and ambient sounds, and the intensity of desperate screams with the poignant emotionality of melancholic clean vocals into a musical journey through an archaic world.

🔘 Third album of the poetic German tragedians
🔘 Enchanting songs, full of depth and beauty
🔘 Definitely one of the best acts of the genre

Artwork • “Nightsphere”
🎨 Painting by Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach

▶ 🗓️ Official release: Oct 06, 2023 ◀

01. Sanctum – Nightsphere Part I 10:45
02. Twilight Of The Machines 08:34
03. Pneuma 06:57
04. Glacierheart – Nightsphere Part II 11:57
05. The Death Of Man 04:07

total: 42:21

David ‘Eklatanz’ Conrad • Vocals, Guitar
Maximilian Forst • Guitar
Kevin Storm • Guitar, Backing Vocals
Matthias ‘Nathanael’ Settele • Bass, Backing Vocals
Nils Groth • Drums, Backing Vocals

Nightsphere” is the first album that was entirely written by the full band, featuring contributions of every single member. “Nightsphere” features ambient sounds of the long-time befriended project “Hidehidehide” as well as guest-appearances of two giants of the (Post) Black Metal genre – Tim Yatras of Austere who fuels the song “Twilight Of The Machines” with his anguish and Nikita Kamprad of Der Weg einer Freiheit who delivers intense and powerful vocals on “Glacierheart – Nightsphere Part II“.

“Nightsphere“‘s natural and organic but powerful sound was crafted by David Deutsch and Justin Felder at 1408 Productions in Hannover, who were responsible for the mix of the record. Furthermore Nikita Kamprad of Der Weg einer Freiheit took care of the mastering of the album.

Prepare to dive into a highly atmospheric night-realm and emotional maelstrom with “Nightsphere“. All while new songs for a future release are already written and recorded.

HERETOIR are more determined than ever to enter the stages of the world with full force!


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