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Immortals by Firewind (AFM Records)

Immortals by Firewind (AFM Records)

Immortals by Firewind (AFM Records)

The brave New Year of 2017 kicks off with a sonic blast to the senses, thanks to the participation of guitar virtuoso Gus G. and the almighty Firewind. Their eight magnum opus entitled Immortals is their first recording in five years, but the metallic hymns found within are infinitely worth the wait!

Firewind’s first concept album overall, as Gus G. explains, “it has to do with ancient Greek history and more specifically the Battles of Thermopylae. The vastly outnumbered Greeks held off the Persians for seven days (including three of battle) before their rear-guard was annihilated in one of history’s most famous last stands.” The stories of the past are given the glorious Firewind heavy metal score, and the results are nothing short of staggering in scope.

From the opening refrains of Hands Of Time to the clarion call of I Defy and beyond, Immortals transports the listener into a world where a truly stunning adventure awaits! Another tracks that highlights the album is the sweeping Lady Of 1000 Sorrows, demonstrating just how wondrously effective Firewind is when it comes to the classic power ballad. And Firewind rages on with glorious tracks such as Warriors And Saints and Rise From The Ashes setting the imagination in flight.

Gus G. unveils exquisite guitar work that sends the entire album into the stratosphere and beyond. And joining the supremely talented Gus G. on this journey is a storied collection of sonic warriors ready to captivate the senses with their auditory artistry. Keyboardist extraordinaire Bob Katsionis brings vision and a dazzling amount of atmospheric intrigue to the proceedings. Bassist Petros Christos and drummer Jo Nunez make for an absolutely extraordinary rhythm section going to battle in the name of heavy metal. And then there’s Henning Basse (ex-Metalium, Sons Of Seasons) conveying the historic lyrics with a dynamic amount of passion and ferocity. Production work is topnotch, courtesy of Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69), who not only engineered, mixed and mastered the album, but co-wrote it together with Gus G.

Immortals by Firewind shows a inspired collective in their finest hour. It will be exciting to see what the New Year has in store for Firewind in regards to touring for the fine masterwork! In the meantime, prepare to be enraptured by the persuasive sounds of heavy metal victory when Immortals is released January 20th here in the States via AFM Records!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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