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The Color Wild, Hi, Mom and Fake It at PBWLA

The Color Wild, Hi, Mom, and Fake It at PBWLA, January 14, 2018

The Color Wild from Sacramento made their way back to the Los Angeles area on The Mild Weather, Even Better Tour, performing a show at PBWLA in the wilds of Pomona. Also on the touring package were two other Sacto bands – Hi, Mom and Fake It –  participation on a short yet ambitious run throughout the state of California.

With three impressive up-and-coming collectives all on the same bill, this was certainly the tour to discover some truly exciting new music within intimate surroundings.

Bands surely pay their dues on the road doing shows all across the country such as the one at PBWLA, there is no doubt about that. And on a Sunday night in a little club on a proverbial and literal Second Street USA (that also operates as a pizza and wings joint), this trio of talent displayed a good deal of heart and promise with their spirited live performances.  (Pictured: The Color Wild in Pomona – Photo by Joe Schaefger)

Fake It

Fake It unleash their own brand on indie rock with a good amount of imagination and conviction, channeling such genre greats as Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements. Humorously referring to themselves as “dad rock” from the stage, the Fake It power trio presented a solid set of tunes that clearly gained the attention of the early arrivals.

Opening their set with Preservatives immediately followed with Church State, Etc. from their recently issued Gray Matters EP, Fake It delivered a show that was thoroughly imaginative and energetic. The auditory dynamics were truly stunning, enveloping the room with a sense of auditory adventure and intrigue. Other standouts in the set included If The Glue Sticks and a brand new song entitled Monologue. The brilliantly resourceful Fake It crew consists of Christian Burnett on guitar and vocals, Steven Salem on bass, and Spencer Perry on drums. With performances this exhilarating, you can bet Highwire Daze will be revisiting the sonic entreaties of Fake It!

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Hi, Mom

When Indie Rock and Pop Punk collide with results this explosive, all you can do within that moment in time is say “Hi, Mom!” It is always engaging to go to a small club and discover a talented band such as Hi, Mom taking to the stage and delivering the goods in such an epic way. Kicking off their set with the vibrant refrains of Apathy and Mediocrity, Hi Mom proceeded to perform wondrously memorable anthems that were both supremely infectious and endearingly quirky. The band now has two singles available on ITunes – Coping Lessons and Leave The Light On – and both were unleashed with a slamming conviction onstage.

Front man / guitarist Bailey Zindel and the Hi, Mom co-conspirators unleashed a rock and roll show that was a whole lot of fun to watch. All this and a blistering cover of the Green Day classic Burnout sealed the deal with the music fans who made it out to Pomona on an otherwise sleepy Sunday night. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for this electrifying new collective.

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The Color Wild

The Color Wild released their Clean EP debut last year via Artery Recordings – and if you are a fan of timeless high energy pop rock that sets the imagination in flight, it’s one of the best recordings of 2017 that you probably haven’t heard yet. Within a setting of PBWLA, The Color Wild delivered a captivating live performance, showcasing selections from Clean. Even the most jaded of music critic will likely crack a smile and be tempted to sway to the lush and wondrously melodies The Color Wild present on EP and especially within a live performance.

Each and every member truly shines within The Color Wild experience. Keyboardist, occasional guitarist and co-vocalist Jesse Crosson envelopes the songs with a thrilling sense of atmosphere while Josh Hansen unveils a glorious amount on artistry on lead guitar. Drummer Jaden Crosson provides the rock solid beats with skill and flair. And then there’s the massively charismatic lead vocalist Kyle Crosson, whose wonderful lead vocals and magnetic personality are an absolute joy to witness. In addition to the dazzling songs from Clean, The Color Wild also unveiled a brand new composition entitled Cinnamon. 2018 could easily be the breakout year for The Color Wild, especially if their rapturous live performance in a small yet cozy space such as PBWLA is indicative of greater glories ahead.

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(Review and Live Photos by Ken Morton – The Color Wild band photo by Joe Schaeffer)

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