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How The Story Ends by Miss Fortune (We Are Triumphant)

How The Story Ends by Miss Fortune (We Are Triumphant)

How The Story Ends by Miss Fortune (We Are Triumphant)

Miss Fortune is best known for their time spent on Sumerian Records, which included their acclaimed debut endeavor A Spark To Believe as well as a standout contribution on a Florence and The Machine tribute album. Their charismatic front man Mikey Sawyer has sometimes found himself landing in the news for all the wrong reasons, one such incident resulting in Miss Fortune being dropped from both their label and a national tour.  The ubiquitous Mr. Sawyer has always been about talent and perseverance, and How The Story Ends signals nothing short of an epic comeback. How The Story Ends is a deeply personal entreaty, presenting the next chapter of the Miss Fortune saga with a good deal of imagination and intrigue. Throughout history, the most troubled and controversial musicians have unveiled the most persuasive artistry, and Miss Fortune delivers tenfold throughout the impassioned confines of How The Story Ends.

The second Miss Fortune manifesto commences with the stunning Delusions Of Grandeur, at once revealing Mikey Sawyer’s towering vocals and Miss Fortunes’ auditory dynamics. “I want it all, all for you,” Sawyer emotes with a thrilling amount of conviction on this memorable opening track. The Hype You Stole then reveals “my ambivalence for your amusement” with a both a sense of irony and urgency.

My Apologies II shows the fight into the heart of a relationship where it becomes increasingly difficult to “see through the dark.Die For You is Miss Fortune at their most striking, a profession of devotion in a world where “there’s more to life than just empty lies.The Bottom is one of the most emotional devastating tracks to be found on How The Story End – where insanely catchy melodies mesh with vibrantly heartbreaking lyrics, leaving quite an indelible impression.

Show me a life worth fighting for, I’m seeing the signs that I can’t ignore,” are the sentiments revealed on Wedding Night, another selection of profound depth where “it’s written in the stars that everybody needs love” meshes uneasily with the bitter denouement of “fuck a black heart in a white dress.3rd Degree presents Sawyer practically screaming the lyrics such as “Well I’m glad you’re so indifferent, Cause it’s dead and gone today” as the nightmarish truths of a relationship come crashing down with an almost unbearable “but honestly you were never there for me” lyrical fallout.

Hit The Road has a ton of hit single potential – and while on its own the song is certainly romantic and wistful – but within the contexts of the entire How The Story Ends album, the track reflects on a tragic loss of hope and innocence in a relationship. And then the title track issues a spiraling hard rocking grand finale where the future is journeyed upon with a cautious optimism, while looking back at and taking accountability for the mistakes we all make within the grand scheme of love and life.

How The Story Ends is sure to captivate Miss Fortunes’ longtime fans as well as tempt many others looking to be swept away by its impressive reprieves. Sawyer’s vocals are as dynamic as ever, and the lyrics are sure to strike a universal chord with many a listener. Mikey Sawyer and Miss Fortune unleash their souls throughout the turbulent How The Story Ends, and the results are infinitely gripping and ultimately liberating.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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