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Sum 41, The Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA., October 17, 2019 – Live Review

Sum 41, The Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA., October 17, 2019 – Live Review

Sum 41 at the Hollywood Palladium were nothing short of fantastic, in fact this was my first time seeing them headline. The only other time I’ve been able to see these guys was at Warped Tour in 2017, I don’t know how I waited so long to see them. They came out on stage with Turning Away, but they definitely started to rile up the crowd with The Hell Song. Even I started singing along and banging my head when they started playing it! As a band that started back in 1996, when I was just merely (maybe) 1 year old, and seeing them do their thing 23 years later is just wild. Their stage presence is so awesome, they’re all so in sync with each other and the music just flows perfectly. Deryck is so fun and was acknowledging the crowd multiple times. I definitely love how there’s 3 guitarists to really solidify the sound while Deryck focuses on his vocals and actions. Frank Zummo is an absolute MONSTER behind the drums, and his style definitely reminds me of Travis Barker.

The thing that surprised me the most was they played With Me and definitely got the crowd to start singing and swaying around. It was definitely a beautiful moment when Deryck started playing on an acoustic guitar. The lights dimmed and set the mood for the song, but quickly after the crowd went wild and started moshing to No Reason, definitely a 0 to 100 moment!

The coolest part about their stage set up was the blow out devil during Welcome to Hell, that was so cool, definitely haven’t seen something like that before on a stage! I also loved how they had multiple confetti cannons throughout the night, that’s always so fun when bands have those! They really hit that off when they started playing the riffs of what Deryck called, “the Canadian national anthem”, aka Fat Lip! He told everyone to jump and BAM smoke and confetti cannons to put the cherry on top of hearing that song.

Sum 41 definitely have an incredible live sound and performance and everyone should see them perform their own headlining show at least once in their life. They had so much energy for an older punk band, and it seems like they’re keeping in good health, especially Deryck with being sober and he’s probably feeling better than ever. It’s amazing to see this band’s success and following them since the old MTV days, I’m so glad I finally got to see them.

Turning Away
The Hell Song
The Bitter End
Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
We’re All to Blame
Some Say
Out for Blood
Walking Disaster
With Me
No Reason
Underclass Hero
Welcome to Hell
In Too Deep
We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
Never There
Still Waiting

Goddamn I’m Dead Again
Fat Lip
Pain for Pleasure

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber)

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