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Bauhaus, The Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA., November 4, 2019

Bauhaus, The Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA., November 4, 2019

Bauhaus, The Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA., November 4, 2019

As soon as it was announced, I knew this show was a must! Bauhaus, playing together for the first time in 13 years to celebrate the band’s debut single “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” The Los Angeles shows were announced only three months after Peter Murphy suffered a heart attack before a New York performance, with the original lineup of Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, and David J! Within minutes the first two announced shows were sold out. Bauhaus announced a third show on Dec 1st. If you can, GO! Give yourself an early Christmas gift and go!

Thousands of Bauhaus fans dressed in black and to the nines were lined up around the block, waiting for doors to open. The excitement was ever more apparent as they all filled the Hollywood Palladium, shoulder to shoulder. But no one needed to be told just how amazing the night was going to be. After almost every person grabbed merch, they filed into the main hall to witness a show that most thought would never happen again.

Starting off the night was the L.A. trio, featuring Kevin Haskin’s daughter Lola on drums, Automatic. Comprised of Izzy Glaudini (synths/vocals), Lola Dompé (drums/vocals), and Halle Saxon (bass/vocals), really blew me away. The band I would best describe as post-punk, but there is nothing new about this. What sets Automatic apart is the addition of groove, as well as something reminiscent of Blondie or even The Go-Go’s (which is where they get their name from). Automatic is a need for your radar.

The main hall of The Palladium was now fully packed of people who usually don’t like being touched, but for this, it was fully allowed and didn’t mind that their personal space was non-existent. The skin tingling and hair raising moment loomed upon the crowd as the lights dimmed and the feedback rang out as Bauhaus took the stage with their opening song, a cover of John Cale’s Rosegarden Funeral of Sores. Swoon! Murphy was the last on stage wearing my favorite glittering blazer and a fedora with his walking staff that he pointed over the audience. He is still energetic and engaging, pacing from one side of the stage to the other to see all of his fans, and posing in massive beams of stage lights. Almost every person had their phone out to capture Murphy as he came close to them.

Before I knew it, my three songs in the photo pit were done, but now came my favorite part and least favorite part. There was a hard no camera rule from here on out, so it hurt me to not be able to capture soo many beautiful moments, but at the same time, I was able to enjoy the remainder of the show as a fan. Part of me wishes there was a no cellphone policy for this show, I saw far too many people watching the show through their cellphones, and blocking the view for other people. I urge you to limit yourself to one or two songs and enjoy the rest of the show with your own eyes because this really isn’t a show to miss.

The crowd’s energy really picked up as soon as She’s In Parties started, and I was right there with them! And next up was none other than the crowd favorite, Bela Lugosi’s Dead. Murphy stood at the front of the stage and turned the mic toward the crowd to sing for the verse “Bela’s Undead/Oh Bela” and the classic rose petals were tossed into the air.

The rest of the night was filled with classics that will have you dancing the night away while being put under the spell that is Bauhaus and Murphy’s movements on stage. The encore wraps up the show with covers from Iggy Pop, T. Rex, and David Bowie, along with The Three Shadows, Part II. Again, if you missed the first two performances, grab tickets for Dec 1st to see Bauhaus Live.

The set goes by quick. Not only because the set is beautiful, powerful, and engaging, but Bauhaus jumps from one song into the next, no breaks to speak to the audience until the very end. Murphy had one brief statement before the show wrapped up… “Thank you for welcoming us back.

Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
Double Dare
In the Flat Field
A God in an Alcove
In Fear of Fear
Spy in the Cab
Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Swing the Heartache
She’s in Parties
Bela Lugosi’s Dead
The Man With the X-Ray Eyes
Kick in the Eye
Stigmata Martyr
Silent Hedges
The Passion of Lovers
Dark Entries

The Three Shadows, Part II
Sister Midnight
Telegram Sam
Ziggy Stardust

(Review and Photos by Erica Vincent)

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