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Lightning Strikes Twice by DeCarlo (Frontiers Music Srl)

Lightning Strikes Twice by DeCarlo (Frontiers Music Srl)

Lightning Strikes Twice by DeCarlo (Frontiers Music Srl)

DeCarlo is the debut recording from Tommy DeCarlo, best known as the lead vocalist for the legendary Boston since 2007. Fans were able to experience DeCarlo’s superbly impassioned vocals on Boston’s fantastic Life, Love & Hope magnum opus from 2013 and on their many live shows throughout the world. And within the realm of Lightning Strikes Twice, DeCarlo and company deliver 12 standout selections that AOR admirers will want to revisit time and again. Co-founded by his son Tommy DeCarlo Jr. who contributes dynamic guitar tapestries throughout, DeCarlo is a sweeping auditory adventure in the grand and glorious tradition of Foreigner, Survivor, REO Speedwagon, and of course Boston.

Lightning Strikes Twice kicks off with the inspiring refrains of A Better Day, a captivating commencement that will exhilarate the senses and set the imagination in flight – imagine Jackson Browne meeting the spiraling AOR soundscapes of Boston, and you are only beginning to envision just what a thrilling kickoff track this one is. You Are The Fire and Give Love A Try continue on with the dazzling high flying reprieves that will reverberate joyously throughout your senses.

One glorious highlight is the dazzling Rock N’ Soul, a selection that should be cranking all over the worldwide radio airwaves – if only stations across the land played music this wonderful. Another absolute standout is the superbly infectious There She Goes, another candidate for massive acclaim on the radio and beyond. There should-be hit tunes keep on coming, all the way to the free-wheeling inflections of I Think I Fell In Love With You which closes out Lightning Strikes Twice on a warm and romantic yet persuasive rocking note.

It may be early on in the year to be contemplating 2020 Top Ten Lists, but DeCarlo is certainly a candidate for this sort of acclaim. The dozen tracks found within Lightning Strikes Twice are rock solid, and should garner DeCarlo a good deal of attention above and beyond their Boston lineage. In addition to the top notch work of father and son DeCarlo, the band also features the participation of drummer Dan Hitz, bringing his skillful percussive flair to the proceedings. Be sure to check into the magnetic reverberations of Lighting Strikes Twice, now available from Frontiers Music Srl!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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